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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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Religious Holy Days

This is a holy week for many members of our school community. Although people cannot congregate at their places of worship or celebrate with their extended families, it doesn’t minimize the importance of these holy days to individuals who practice their faith. Observances which are a tenet of one’s religion are excused absences for students and teachers. Members of our school community who are Jewish will begin their celebration of Passover at sundown on Wednesday, April 8 and members of our school community who are Christian will observe Good Friday and celebrate on Easter Sunday.

In addition to this week’s holy days, many will also observe Holy Friday (Orthodox Christian) on April 17 and Orthodox Easter on April 19. Our Muslim community will observe Ramadan beginning on April 24.

This week is counted as “school days,” but I am asking everyone to be understanding of each other with regards to remote learning efforts so that they (students and faculty) can practice their religious faith unimpeded.

Thank you for your consideration.

Social Distancing Video Message

Earlier this week, a group representing our town, police, fire, and school departments, got together (separately) to create a short video message for the community. The message reiterates the importance of social distancing in order to flatten the curve. Below is the link to the video.

Mansfield Public Schools COVID-19 Website

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