Room 26 Weekly Newsletter

February 16, 2016


I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the 4-day weekend!! I am excited for this week - we have so many wonderful learning opportunities planned!

Our owl pellet dissections are underway! Students have already examined, weighed, and measured their owl pellets, and have started carefully extracting bones from inside the pellet. It will be interesting to see what animal skeletons we can identify from the pellets! As a reminder, I purchased the owl pellets out of pocket at a total cost of $105. Thank you to those of you who have already donated to help defray my personal costs. If every student could donate $3 or $3.25 for their pellet, it would cover the amount I spent. I would really appreciate it!!

Semester 1 report cards will be sent home on Friday, February 19th.

Mark your calendars for next Wednesday, February 24 at 6:00pm in the cafeteria. LCM will be hosting a Social Media Awareness night for parents. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to learn about the ins, outs, and potential pitfalls of social media and our children. Childcare will be available.

Language Arts

We are continuing our novel study of The Cay. The students are working with vocabulary we will encounter while reading the novel, will be creating maps of the Caribbean, and are responding to the book in journals. We have been having fascinating discussions about the characters, events, and perspectives in the book.


Students have been working on reading, representing, comparing, ordering, and rounding decimals. The main focus this week is on understanding place value and the powers of 10 (what happens when you multiply a number/decimal by a power of 10? what happens when you divide by a power of ten?) before proceeding with performing the four operations with decimals. Next week, we will begin adding and subtracting using decimals.


We have been continuing with our Body Systems unit. With our owl pellet dissection, we are focusing on the digestive system and the skeletal system. We will have a wonderful opportunity to compare a human skeleton to the small mammal skeletons we retrieve from the owl pellets and notice similarities and differences between the two.

Social Studies

We will be taking a bit of a break from our Social Studies textbook over the next couple of weeks so we may teach the Biz Town curriculum. I am so excited to begin our awesome Biz Town program! Be on the lookout for an informational packet coming home tomorrow with information about the program, the field trip, and volunteer opportunities.


P.E. - Wednesday (makeup P.E. will be NEXT Friday)

Music - Tuesday

Library - Thursday

Art - Friday

Flag Salute - Friday