First Cellphone Invented


What is it?

A Cellphone is a small device that has been developing since it was invented in 1973 and has been developing since, in our day now it has been upgraded to having 4g and much more like apps that include games or music and social media.

Who Invented It & Why?

The Creator of this device is Martin Cooper and he invented the cellphone for people to get in touch with their peers or family members and were they can carry it around with them where ever they go.

Has it upgraded since 1973?

Yes, they have gotten smaller and bigger and wider throughout the years, and has gotten new apps all the time that people love to use, Since 1973 they have made approximately 114 Cellphones.

Other Facts

  • The First mobile phone went on sale in 1983.
  • A lot of phones have hit the streets between 1983 and now.
  • Allows us to play games, listen to music, and take pictures or ourselves or anything.
  • $4000 was the cost of first mobile phone in 1983.
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The History of the Mobile Phone


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