Coding 3

MP4 Week 9: Announcements

Space Odyssey Program Submission

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This Week!

Submit the link to your Space Odyssey Program! (20 points)
  • Missing some code? To help, click on the link above to remix the program to your Scratch profile. However, you still need to create a variable to keep score!
Keeping Score! (30 points)
  • Make sure your Space Odyssey Program contains at least 1 variable programmed to keep score!

Need Extra Credit?

Extra credit points will be awarded based on creativity!

For example you could:

  • Draw your own space suit for Scratchy!
  • Change the sound effects!
  • End the game by changing backgrounds!
  • End the game by getting Scratchy out of his space-suit (remember there are two costumes programmed into the game)!
  • Make the game harder! (Collect more energy strings or increase the ghost effect!)

Don't need Extra Credit but you have a creative program?
  • Creative programs will be featured in our Scratch Studio!

Next Week!

Last week of the school year!
  • Sharing and reviewing!
  • No Chats Tuesday 6/2 due to the end of year picnic! Hope to see you there!

*Please feel free to attend another chat if you miss your chat on Tuesday!

See you in Cyberspace!