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The first joint union meeting was held last week where the College Executive team outlined the way they intend to work closely with the representative of the Unions as decisions about the future of the College is being made. There will be a weekly meeting over the coming weeks as the work will continue in outlining the implications of the roll out of some of the key decisions that were made at the last board of governors. If you have any comments or views that you wish to be brought to the attention of the Executive team please let your union rep know or you can email directly to review@gcfe.net

Staying focus on quality and improvement

This week the first Programme Manager meeting of the year was held. A lot of information was shared on matters related to ensuring the quality of the provision remain the key focus for all. At this meeting we also outlined how the process of the review of the Curriculum will commence. All Programme Managers were asked to conduct a KILN (KEEP, IMPROVE, LESSEN, NEW) Exercise on their offer to establish their vision for the future of their area. Please take part in this process. We will also be inviting and linking with Business and Industry to seek their views. I look forward to sharing with you the outcome of this exercise in early Spring term.

Last week I shared with you some of the key decisions that were made at the first Board of Governors’ meeting. In relation to the appointment to the Vice Principal role, some colleagues showed concerns that the recruitment process has changed without any discussion or transparency. I would like to confirm that this appointment is not an indication of a change in recruitment processes at the CFE and that we have followed due process in this regard. I must add that those raising this concern were quick to agree that Louise Misselke is the right candidate for the role and that their concern is not related to her ability to do the job.

For your information, further to the advice received from HR we followed the Education Board Policy on the appointment of Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers. A panel including the Governors were presented with a case as to why it was appropriate to make this appointment permanent. The case included the following considerations:

  1. Necessity of creating stability within the senior management team during an anticipated period of radical change;

  2. The post of the VP would remain in scope for review of the structure of the College to ensure the duties remain in line with the plans for the future of the organisation;

  3. Avoidance of dishonesty to other prospective applicants (when the preferred appointee was already clear to the Board of Governors);

  4. The acting post holder had gone through the full selection process previously;

  5. Prior period of acting up into post successfully.

The panel including Chair of Board of Governors, Vice Chair of the Board of Governors, member of the Board of Education, Director of Education and an HR representative debated the merits of this appointment and confirmed that this was the best course of action considering the case that was put forward to them. This was agreed and they endorsed the proposal which then was further endorsed by the Education Board last Tuesday with approval for the decision to be communicated with staff.

I would like to thank those who raised this concern. I am pleased to know that we keep a focus on ensuring we do the right things and in the right way. Your endorsement that Louise Misselke is indeed the most suitable candidate for the VP role has been reassuring and, of course, not a surprise. Louise has been extremely dedicated in her role and has shown her ability to support the Principal in her capacity as the VP over the acting period. I look forward to working with her on our plans for the future, which we will share with you for your views and comments as and when they are in a suitable state.

I trust that the explanation above reassures colleagues that the process that was followed was appropriate and I hope that through clear dialogue and constructive interactions we remain focused on quality and moving forwards with integrity and transparency. I would also like to reassure that due HR processes will be followed in relation to any future appointments.

Over next few weeks I will be working with Education Department on matters related to the Legal Frame work and Outcome Agreement including the Funding Methodology for the College of FE. I will be sharing these with you as and when they are confirmed and agreed by the Board of Governors and related parties.

On one last note you might have noticed that I was off Island this week for a post Operation appointment in London. I am pleased to inform you that the progress of recovery is well on track and I will soon be getting back on the bike - have to find an alternative way of getting to the top of Val Des Terres for now! Once again thank you for all your support and care you have shown towards my well being. Much appreciated.

Have a great weekend.

Saboohi Famili

Chief Executive and Principal

Coutanchez news

Great to see 14-16 students starting here each day apart from Thursdays. The year 10's all arrived with steel toe capped boots - long may it continue!

It is good to have business as usual with the apprentices and full time students enjoying their learning.

Watch this space for news on a 3D printer!

John Norman

Assistant Principal


Paul Henney has decided to leave college and has taken a new position at the States Planning Department and we wish Paul well in his new role.

The Built Environment team will be supported by an agency staff member: Martin Yallop, who has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching in this field and will join us on 29 of September.

Alan Ogier is returning to the finance industry after 2 years in teaching, he will leave at the end of the term. Alan will be sadly missed around LOC by staff and students alike for his dry sense of humour and his eternal optimism! Yvonne and I will soon start the hunt for his replacement.

We welcomed our new Year 10 Links students this week – hopefully this will be the start of a long and fulfilling relationship with the college.

Martine welcomed her budding new teachers to her Award in Education & Training course on Tuesday evening, she is also delivering this course for 13 firemen at the airport – she has already asked if she can have a go on their pole!

Our 5th cohort of SOG managers started their CMI Level 3 diploma in 1st Line Management with Alison this week – this has been a very successful course, along with the level 5 seeing over 40 students achieving management qualifications with us.

Alan ran a Money Matters course for SSD this week – the course is aimed at helping people to make more informed decisions about their personal finances.

The personal tutors at LOC would like to thank Rachel for her brilliant induction “Murder in the Library” session – it was very well received by all the new students.

Jane Le Poidevin

Assistant Principal

Delancey News

The Guernsey Photography Festival launched at Delancey this week with the Education Programme being led by Martin and the Art & Design team. Over 100 post 16 students from 9 different schools/colleges across the islands are collaborating through a series of workshops led by award winning international photographers.

Work produced will be present in an exciting multimedia presentation at 10.30pm on Saturday 20 September at Les Ozouets hall. The work will then become a printed touring exhibition throughout 2015.

The project provides a unique opportunity for the students to work with contemporary photographers through a series of world class exhibitions, talks, seminars and workshops.

@gsyphotofest www.guernseyphotographicfestival.com

Year 2 Level 3 students have designed sculptures for the 10 yr celebrations of 2 degrees North design company on the theme of magic and illusion with the work being displayed at a private event at the Peninsula hotel.

Health & Early Years held their annual event to celebrate the success of the students who have completed courses this year. The speaker this year was Deputy Sandra James who was also present to offer her support for students and to launch the new Sandra James Award. Sandra gave an insight into her career in the health and social care sector and particularly in Mental Health Nursing, she also spoke of her work as the local and national chairperson of the Royal College of Nursing. Sandra felt it was appropriate to recognise the achievements and accomplishments of our Students that have worked particularly hard. Jenny Tasker, president of the Guernsey Soroptimists was also in attendance to present the Soroptimist award for the student with the most distance travelled; the award was for someone who has progressed the most during their time at college. Heidi Abbotts and Anna Thompson made the presentation for the Rainbow child Care Award.

Many of the students have now progressed onto higher level courses including Nurse training and University and more are working in the Health, Social Care and Child Care sector on Island.

Lorraine said this is always a very happy event and allows the students the opportunity to celebrate their success with each other and their tutors before they go out into the sector to progress within their chosen career. It is a very satisfying time and they should be very proud of their achievements.


The Sandra James Award for Health and Social Care – Erin McCann (full-time student)

The Sandra James Award for Health and Social Care – Emma Jones (Adult student)

Soropitimist Award – Lauren Le Gallic

Rainbow Child Care Award – Louise Dorey

L3 Health & Social Care Student of the Year Award – Charlotte Smith

L3 Health and Social Care Award – Nicola Masterman

Staff and students from Access will be getting a culture shot this weekend when they visit London to attend a special performance of War Horse.

The College Football Academy kicked off their season with the first Channel Island League fixture vs Hautlieu School, Jersey. Despite leading 3 -2 going into the closing part of the game an own goal struck a balance and the game finished 3-3. We have of course claimed the technical win as we scored 4 goals to Hautlieu’s 2!!!!

Skills Development have extended their thanks with the support with the free writing task this week and the work produced by students has not only given a very valuable insight into their literacy skills but also provided some great feedback.

One comment stood out in particular.

“…. A few months later I joined the college and I am with like minded people, I feel welcomed and supported and for the first time (I dare say) I feel rather happy”

Jeff Stuart

Acting Assistant Principal



The library inductions this year have met with an enthusiastic reaction from the students who’ve taken part so far. Each new group has been busy solving the Murder in the Library, using clues from around the library and learning the basics at the same time. Heather and Rachel have really enjoyed meeting all the new students and proving how helpful they can be to them, whether it’s for a murder enquiry or a research question.

Student feedback so far includes: “it was hands on, not just a lecture”, “fun and different”, “it was a good way of learning how to use the system”, “I learnt a lot about the library”, “I got to interact with everyone”, “[I liked] being a detective”.

If your group has not yet booked an induction, now’s the time. Please contact Heather (Delancey) or Rachel (Coutanchez, LOC, PAC) to sort out a slot for your very own murder!


Sally, Laura, Jennette & Monica have had the keyboards red hot ploughing through the enrolments. We are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Video from the last Today, Tomorrow, Together http://www.guernseycollege.ac.gg/wp/?p=1180

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Fatnastic IT support!

IT - Vince, Noel & Darryl - thank you!

Outstanding new IT staff at Delancey - nothing a problem and resolves quickly - superb!

Real buzz in refectory after team-building - great!

Inclusive enrichment (induction) - brilliant!

Thank you to Rod and his team for sorting my stero system in D19 at Delancey

My year 1 group on Pro-Monitor & Pro-solution quickly - thank you.

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Lecturers not being able to reset passwords - this is a function of the IT Department. Please contact them in the normal way for assistance.

Website `Search' does not work - working with Pro-Solution for a solution

Enrol facility showing on website but does not work - now has a landing page explaining that this facility is coming soon but unavailable at present


Canteen not open for lunch - this was a one-off due to illness unfortunately. It is hoped to employ additional staff in the future.

Internet down - due to an outage at Frossard House beyond the College's control

Unnecessary check about dress code when team building

Can we have an open and transparent update on the current situation with the new online BTEC exams platform? Not being able to offer these on demand exams is effecting teaching & learning & target setting - feedback on this next issue

Students eating in hallways making a mess - crumbs on floor etc

IT not working, eats into planning tme - going home to prep. - please continue to contact IT support in the usual way for assistance.

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We need a plan to encourage students to pick up their rubbish in the Park-can you come up with some suggestion as to how? perhaps a discussion with Progress Coaches might proves helpful?

Why has the VP appointment not been advertised in the normal way? - see Principal's Point

Staff to use Outlook Calenders for appointments rather than sending emails- this is the intention. If you need training on the use of IT please let Maria French know.

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Friday, Dec. 5th 2014 at 7pm

St Pierre Park Hotel & Golf Resort, United Kingdom

£25 per head. Please email Phil phile@gcfe.net if you would like to attend, 50% deposit needed by 19th September. See Phil's all staff email for further details & menu


The winner of the Brainteaser competition will be drawn shortly and announced in next week's ENGAGE. Thank you to all those that found the time to enter. Watch out for more competitions coming soon.