Franklin Flies With Lighting

Would Franklin Die Wile Flying A Kite Out In A Storm?

By: Estrella Iriqui

PHILADELPHIA 1752. There was a scientist named Benjamin Franklin, he made an experiment that could have taken his life. He and his son went out in a storm to fly Benjamin's kite. When Benjamin went to fly his kite he was in a little shack to protect himself from getting electrified. He wanted to do this experiment to prove that lighting was electricity. In Mr.Franklin lab he was trying to make electricity, he got a small spark, that was his test. Then he went out in the storm to prove that electricity was really lighting. The materials that he used were a metal key, a string, and a squared shaped kit. Benjamin Franklin waited anxiously and nervelessly for a spark. He waited, until he touched the key with his knuckle, he got the spark just like he did in his lab. Mr.Franklin was happy that he got the spark from the kite string through the key. He just went with his son because he didn't want to embarrassed himself if the experiment didn't work. If Mr.Franklin, would have really been in a storm with lighting his life would have ended.