Wildlife Biologist

Anna Tikhonov

A wildlife biologist is under life science becuase they learn about nature, animals, etc.
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"Discovery Of 10 Lynx Kittens Heartens Colorado Wildlife Biologists." Los
Angelas Times. N.p., 30 June 2009. Web. 19 Sept. 2013.

Educational Path

The degree you will need is Wildlife Sciences and Management. For this degree you will learn how to care for habitats, also they will teach you ecosystems for animals. You will know about Natural Sciences, Wildlife Biology, etc. For college and high school ill probably take classes that will involve nature and animals, also ill take a biology class as well.

Training school & College

  • University of Wisconsin Fond Du Lac.
  • I picked this college because it seems like a good place to get a degree in wildlife biology.
  • This school is located in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.
  • It's rural.
  • This school is a public school.
  • It is a university.
  • It's a 2 year college (Freshmen, Sophomore).
  • The students faculty ratio at this school is: 19:1
  • Average class size will be: 25


  • Average GPA entering Freshmen college should be: 2.5
  • Medium ACT score: 20-23
  • Medium SAT score: 960-1099

About the Job

In this job you would work outside in all kinds of weather. You will also need to travel a lot for being a wildlife biologist.

Wisconsin vs National

I think its easier to find a job in Wisconsin. Why?
  • Because there are a lot of jobs around Wisconsin.
  • People would get a good education here, and would get payed higher per year.


  • For Wisconsin you would get $38,550 to $94,610 per year.
  • For National you would get $35,660 to $93,450 per year.


Employer name: Forest Service Department of Agriculture.


If I can't be a photographer, then I can see me doing this job. I would like it because I get to go everywhere, but I don't like how I have to work in any weather.


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