2015 Year in Review

Matthew N.

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Razer Blackwidow ultimate Chroma Best

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Nike Mercurial superfly Best

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Call Of Duty Advance warfare worst product

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Fantastic 4 worst movie

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Star war

The movie star wars was such a hit because this series was so popular in the past.
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I think the movie gained more attention because of Paul Walker death.
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Jon Bellion

His music is starting to get more popular because he puts all of his effort and time into his music.
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G Eazy

His music became a hit because of his top song "Me myself and I".

Top 10 gaming accessories

Razer Blackwidow ultimate chroma

Cm storm quickfire TK

Astro A50s

Razer Deathadder chroma

Benq monitor

New years resolutions

Gain 2 inches in height

socialize more

Get better grades