Earth's Magnetic Field

Using a Compass

What is the Magnetic Field

The protective force field around earth is called the Magnetic field, it protects us from the sun’s harmful rays. Without the Magnetic Field , there would be no atmosphere, life or water.

What is a compass?

A compass is an device used for navigation that shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions. The compass needle will always point to Earth's Magnetic Fields North point.
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  1. 1.Identify your position and your point on the map.
  2. 2.Align the edge of your compass with that line.
  3. 3.Rotate the bezel so its orienting lines run parallel with the map's orienting lines (which point to true north).
  4. 4.Take the compass and turn your body until the magnetic needle lines up with the orienting arrow on the compass. You will then be facing the direction that will lead you to your chosen object.