Concept Board - Orangutan

Michael Bernard's Concept Board for the Orangutan.

The Orangutan Exhibit - Structure

The structures in the Orangutan included jungle gyms, trees, indoor and outdoor facility's and a place to roam around in a open grass area.

The Orangutan Exhibit - Vegetation

The Orangutan Exhibit has little amounts of vegetation. There was grass for the Orangutans to play around in, and small shrubbery. However the Orangutans were located in the primate area, where you could find exhibits with trees for other apes to climb. The orangutans are so closely related to the other primates that all the exhibits were very closely related, so I decided to take a few pictures of those exhibits to give you an example.

The Orangutan Exhibit - Guest Viewing

You could view the Orangutans from both the inside primate area, and outside. From the inside you could view the animals from glass windows, outside you could view them from behind rope barriers on the path around the primate exhibits.

The Orangutan Exhibit - Interactive Learning

Some of the Interactive Learning the Orangutan Exhibit had included a board that described and gave information about the animal, and a model of its skull that you could compare to a model of a human skull.

The Orangutan Exhibit - Signage

There was a sign outside the exhibit explaining where the animal lives, and if its vulnerable, endangered... etc

The Orangutan Exhibit - Animal Enrichment

The animal enrichment included many different things that the orangutan could either climb or swing on.
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The Orangutan Exhibit - Water Sources

Some of the water sources included a water river barrier to help keep the Orangutans from trying to get to the guest, because Primates have a distinct fear of water.

The Orangutan Exhibit - Animal Shelter

There shelter was a jungle gym that acted like a tree home for the orangutans.