Literacy Coaching

Challenges and Opportunities by Chelsea Ebert

What is a literacy coach?

A literacy coach is someone who works with other teachers and administrators to improve literacy success in the classroom. They give the teachers useful strategies that they can use to help their students become more successful. They are there to support teachers as they implement literacy instruction.

Literacy coaches are not given a great job description. Many of them aren't sure what their role is exactly.

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In and Out of the Classrooms

Literacy coaches will go into the classrooms and give support for the teachers and students. The coaches will go into the classrooms several times each week. They do not replace the teacher but help with improving literacy instruction. Many teachers feel uncomfortable with another teacher in the room and feel like they are being judged. Literacy coaches are not to judge the way a teacher teaches in their classroom.

Literacy coaches have to collaborate with the classroom teachers outside of the classroom. Coaches have a difficult time trying to negotiate new ways of professional learning. The principal should give the coaches and teachers plenty of space to be able to work it out together.


This study is not relevant to parents. They aren't directly affected by this.


Policymakers should know that professional development for literacy coaches is really important to have. The policymakers can help by providing financial support for the professional development events.

Coaches have to know about adult learning and about how they can work around the issues. They also need continued support from others within the school.