Secondary School News

Honeoye Central School District: October 2020

A Message From Mrs. Klaehn

Dear MS and HS Families,

I continue to be filled with joy at the opportunity to spend my day with your children. Believe me when I tell you that I know the year has been challenging. In the newsletter that is going out to teachers this weekend, I talk about the fact that what we're experiencing right now continues to be a situation in which we are faced with new obstacles, onces we've never experienced before, and we are quite literally creating the playbook as we go. The same goes for our students. Overall, I am proud of the way we're responding. Above all things, we continue to make adjustments to support students in whatever way they need to be supported. I have been moved by the support from this school community, and I want to thank you for your continued positivity despite the frustrations you're experiencing and the frustrations you see your kids experiencing. We have always needed strong partnerships between schools and families, but now they are more important than ever. With our students spending half their time learning at home, we truly need one another. Please continue to reach out and provide feedback so we can move forward in a positive direction.

Warmest Regards,

Addie Klaehn

Secondary Principal

Picture Day is Coming!

Big picture
School picture day is scheduled for this coming week: October 7th for Cohort 1 and October 8th for Cohort 2.

100% Remote students may come to school any of these days to have their photos taken. Please use the District Office entrance for this, as photos are being taken in the auditorium atrium.

Make-up Days: November 23rd and 24th

If you wish to order online, please go to the Interstate Photo website (which you can access here) and use order code 50638HB .

Four Day Weekend

Please remember that this Friday, 10/9, is a scheduled Superintendent's Conference Day. There will be no in-person instruction or digital instruction, however students are encouraged to spend the long weekend catching up as needed!

Monday, 10/12, is a holiday. We will see our Cohort 2 students on Tuesday, October 13th!

Remote Instruction & Technology Support

These remote learning expectations were shared in the HCS Student Newsletter (September 18th), which can be found on the website and was emailed to students. Please review with your students as necessary.

The best way to receive tech help from home is to utilize the "Tech Help" tab from the Instruction and Technology link on the HCS website. You can find a link to that page here. When students are on campus, they can ask their teacher for assistance. If teachers are unable to help, they will send students down to our Tech Office.

If your student is working from the same device they had last year (meaning the device was not turned in over the summer for updates), they are likely experiencing glitches. For example, we're finding that most students who are having trouble accessing links to Google Meets for 100% Remote instruction are students who still have their old devices. The updates that were run over the summer are necessary for proper access to digital instruction. We have new devices for every single student. If you are experiencing technical difficulty and using an old device, please reach out to our Tech Support using the link above so we can troubleshoot.

I have had several students and parents reach out asking if students need to connect via Google Meets to their classes on their non-cohort/ Remote Instruction days. While the opportunity is available to students to do this as needed, the general response is no; students who are working remotely on their non-cohort days are engaging in a variety of activities, both digital and nondigital.

Students who are 100% Remote, meaning they have opted not to attend school in person any day of the week, are still required to connect to their classes and follow their schedules on their Cohort's in-person days. With the exception of study halls, students who are 100% Remote and do not access instruction via posted Google Meets will be marked absent.

Pick up of Materials

Throughout the week, teachers are sending materials to the front desk to be collected for 100% Remote students. Materials can be picked up (or dropped off, if necessary) between 8am and 3pm every Friday. Please come to the window at the district office entrance, give your child(ren)'s name(s) and grade level(s), and you will receive materials. This coming week only, pickup will be on Thursday, 10/8, not Friday, as Friday is a Superintendent's Conference Day for our staff.

Student Internet Usage

Please take a few minutes to remind your students that anything they access on their Honeoye accounts is monitored and viewable by school administration, even when they are at home, and even outside of the regular school day hours.

Hybrid Students

We have had some Hybrid students who are expected to be here in-person request (or parents are requesting on their behalf) to long in remotely when they stay at home. Just as the expectation is that our 100% Remote students show up via Google Meets, it is the expectation that our Hybrid students show up in-person.

If students are not feeling well enough to attend school, they are absent. We have worked diligently to create a Hybrid model because of the importance we place on in-person instruction. Students who miss the bus or are feeling under the weather will be marked absent when they are not here.

Students who are required to stay home due to COVID-19 symptoms and are awaiting test results are the only exception to this procedure. Teachers have been given the autonomy to allow students to participate if they truly want to follow along, however for attendance purposes, they will be marked absent.

Updates to Our Procedures

Most of our processes and procedures are working, and for that we are grateful! Students continue to be thoughtful about keeping their masks on, and are maintaining social distancing with few reminders. Continuous reminders at home are appreciated; as we look at other schools within the region moving to periods of remote instruction, it is important for us to remain vigilant in our procedures!

We have swapped out some of the large tables in the cafeteria for desks, and are able to accommodate for more students on the upper level of the cafeteria.

As the weather cools, I am searching for a larger space for our Seniors and NHS students to have their lunch privileges. We continue to work on a system to order lunch from some of our local businesses, but it has proven to take a little longer than we had hoped.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Google Classroom Issues

This week, we discovered that several students have been creating their own Google Classrooms. We aren't sure how access was turned on to allow this, but we have been able to remove those permissions. I extend my most sincere apologies for any confusion or frustration this may have caused our students!

Homecoming 2020

High School Student Council has been hard at work coming up with a way to continue with a fall Homecoming tradition despite these strange times.

On Saturday, October 31st, students in grades 9-12 will be invited to attend a Homecoming Promenade. There will be two separate sign up times to accommodate New York State Department of Health guidelines for social gatherings. Only HCS students will be permitted to attend. Students will "promenade" around the building (weather pending; we may need to move inside) and will stop at "stations" to engage in a variety of activities along the way.

From 10/19-10/30, all HCS students in grades 6-12 are encouraged to participate in Homecoming Spirit Week(s). The current line up is as follows:

Monday 10/19 and Tuesday 10/20: USA Theme Day

Wednesday 10/21 and Thursday 10/22: Superhero Theme Day

Friday 10/23: Bulldog Gear #PrideinThePound

Monday 10/26 and Tuesday 10/27: Cowboys vs. Aliens Theme Day

Wednesday 10/28 and Thursday 10/29: Color Wars

  • 6th Grade: Yellow
  • 7th Grade: Green
  • 8th Grade: Purple
  • 9th Grade: Red
  • 10th Grade: Blue
  • 11th Grade: White
  • 12th Grade: Black

Friday 10/30: Bulldog Gear #PrideinThePound

Please be on the lookout for more communication and sign-ups from Student Council!

Honeoye Public Library Hours

The Honeoye Public Library has been working collaboratively with HCS to help meet the needs of students and families. If students need a quiet work space or internet access, please see the new library hours:

Monday 2 - 6

Tuesday 12 - 4
Wednesday 2 - 4
Thursday 2 - 6
Friday - CLOSED
Saturday 9 - 1

Much thanks to our friends at the library for working in partnership with us to build a stronger community!

2020-21 Student Attendance

Please continue to use the attendance hotline to call in your students when they are sick. If students are ill on their remote instructional days with no intent to engage in work, please call in on these days as well. This will trigger our attendance clerk to mark students as "Absent" versus "Remote," which will notify teachers that students will have additional time (1 day per absence) to complete remote assignments. It is also important for 100% Remote students to be called in when absent and for excuses to be turned in, just as previously done.

Reach out with any questions on this topic.

Safety Drills

By the time this newsletter is shared, we will be almost done with our fire drills for the 2020-21 academic year! Students have been incredibly patient in following a few shifts as we've tweaked some procedures to improve student safety and conduct our drills in alignment with COVID-19 guidelines from the New York State Education Department.

This year, we plan to conduct all of our Lockdown drills over a short period of time. The first drill is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 13th, and we hope to conclude all of these drills by October 19th. We will not be providing communication when drills take place. In the event of a true emergency situation, notification will be sent out to families.


We finally have new yearbook advisors in place, and I know they will be reaching out very soon. I spoke to our representative from the publisher last week, and he assured me we are not far behind and are in great shape to launch the start of the yearbook process. Stay tuned for communication from our advisors!

Counselor Corner

As a reminder, our counselors can be reached via phone (229-5171, ext. 3016) or email:

Mr. Carrier ( for middle school and Mrs. VanLare ( for high school. In addition, please find our counseling department on Twitter @hcs_counseling and Instagram @hcs_counseling

Mrs. VanLare has been in Senior English classes this week, providing information on Senior Planning. In addition, there is a lot of information in the Class of 2021 Google Classroom.

Our counselors are working on increasing communication between school and home, and a Counseling Newsletter is in the works!

Helpful Resources

ParentSquare Signup : Please utilize this if you are not already doing so; it's an excellent platform for communication and completing those daily health checks!

Google Form for Daily Meals

Google Classroom: Brief Tutorial for Students and Parents (Students have been honing their skills across content areas all last week!)

How to Use Google Classroom for Parents

Parents Ultimate Guide to Google Classroom from Common Sense Media

One Last Reminder...

If your students are struggling with understanding their coursework, please have them reach out directly to their teachers first. This includes initial discussions about adding or dropping classes. If you, as a parent, are concerned about something in one of your students' classes, please begin with the teacher. I will gladly help navigate students and parents through misunderstandings, but the teachers know far more about what they are doing than I do, and the quickest way to get results is to go to the source first! If that doesn't work, please loop me in, but know that I'm going to circle back there eventually!

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