Come To Texas

Westen Wills

Come To Texas

If you are in debt and trying to escape.come to texas and start a new life

requirements of colonist

  • You have to pledge loyalty to Spain
  • Have to either be Catholic or agree to become Catholic
  • Have to be a person of good charecter

Cost Of Land

  • The cost per. acre in Texas 12.5 cents
  • The cost per. acre in the united states was $1.25
  • But you have to pay for it all at once,if you cant afford it you can make a payment plan

land policy

  • Farmers received one labor, or 177 acres of land
  • Those who raised cattle received a sitto,or a square league of 4,428 acres
  • Many settlers received both

The land in Texas

  • the East Texas and north East Texas is good for farming and agriculture because there is a lot of water,fertile soil,wind, and grass.
  • climate is mild