'Miracles for Maddie' Update

We received the Christmas pictures above from Maddie's family following the holidays. The Thompson family is very excited about their "Aquin Make-A-Wish" trip to the Mall of America from Santa, who enlisted the help of the Aquin elves! The elves are busy planning and booking the trip for the end of January.

Merry Christmas Maddie, Nathan and Rebecca,

I know that you have had a very interesting year this year.

Nathan and Rebecca, I’m sorry that you had to spend your summer away from your mom and dad a lot.

And, my sweet Maddie. I am so sorry that you got sick. Mrs. Claus and all the elves and I are so amazingly proud of you. This summer was a big struggle for you and I want to give you an extra special gift this year!

Kids, I heard from Scout, Snowflake and Baby that you really enjoy watching Spongebob shows. Did you know that I’m friends with him? I told Spongebob about you all and he would like to personally meet you.

I’m very busy at this time of the year, so I asked some of my special older friends, my Aquin elves, to help me plan your Spongebob visit vacation. Spongebob is busy, so you will have to wait a few weeks until you can meet him.

I hope you enjoy all of your gifts, feel the love of giving all through the year and be good to one another always.

Your pal,


Thank you for your generosity in all of the Aquin Servant Leader projects that have funded the Christmas gifts and the 'Make-A-Wish' trip for Maddie and her family. God bless!

Good Luck to our Geography Bee Participants!

Aquin will be hosting the Geography Bee on Thursday January 14, at 1:30 pm in the St. Joe's Gymnasium. Winners of the Aquin Bee will then take a test to qualify for the National Geographic Bee.

To see how you'd do in this contest, click here and take a sample quiz!

Grade 4: Ava Theisen (1st), Jackson Ege (2nd), Reid Pierson (Alternate)

Grade 5: Abbott Thruman (1st), Kamdyn Raymond (2nd), Hannah James (Alternate)

Grade 6: Paul Giuffre (1st), Gavin Hunziker (2nd,) Saige Tucker (Alternate)

Grade 7: Benjamin Hunziker (1st) , Emma Holder (2nd), Tony Domino (Alternate)

Grade 8: Evan James (1st), Evan Flynn (2nd), Zeita Gastel (Alternate)

Don't forget!

One week from today we will have an early release at both campuses as all teachers will have an institute in the afternoon. The date is January 15 (same day that monthly tuition payments are due :). And the following Monday, January 18, we will not be in session in observance of Martin Luther King Day.