Derek's Bucket List

April 2014

#1- Hiking

I would like to go hiking in Long Range Traverse, Newfoundland, Canada. It is a breathtaking view where i would just love to go strolling through the lush green mountains.

Physical Weathering; carved by glaciers from massive, uplifted blocks of granite that form the expensive plateau.

#2- Kayaking

I would also like to go kayaking in the Twin Lakes, Alaska. It is extraordinarily beautiful and I would love to visit this location with my close friends and family just to enjoy the waters.

These beautiful lakes were formed by glaciers carving out a waterway and melting to form these beautiful lakes. This is a also a result of physical weathering.

#3- Snow Skiing

I would like to snow board and/or ski in Alagna Valsesia, Italy.

This resulted from physical weathering. It was made from wind and gravity beating on the mountain to give it the jagged type of shape.

Freeride Ski Alagna Monterosa

#4- Bungee-Jump

I would like to bungee jump in Victoria Falls, Zambia. It is very beautiful and I would love to do it to be able to just clear my mind. Friends would make it even cooler so they can laugh as I am screaming and then i would do the same for them just to have a good time.

This steep mountain, made from Physical Weathering, is a result of running water and gravity carrying sediment away.

#5- Visiting the Grand Canyon.

I would just like to visit the Grand Canyon to see that grand of a canyon and all the layers and colors of it with family.

The Grand Canyon was formed from physical weathering. Running water broke off the rock carrying the sediment away and grinding it down to the shape it is today although it is still slowly changing.