Stimulants - Nicotine

By: Jack Christie

How is nicotine made?

Nicotine is found in many natural growing plants such as the tobacco. The tobacco plant is the main way that nicotine is made and produced.


The people who use this drug become very addicted to it so they are always needing it. Many people don't like the smell of smoke so they avoid the person who is smoking nicotine.

Pharmaceutical value

There are test currently being done testing to see if nicotine helps with ADHD, depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Nick Names for nicotine

Chew, butts, cigs, smokes, dip, snuff, split tabacco


There are many dangers with using nicotine like the chance to get many forms of cancer and to to a heart attack and die from the uses of this drug.

Who Use nicotine?

Tons of people use this drug because it is not illegal but the population of smokers has decreased in recent years.

What forms does it come in?

They main way it comes in is a cigarette or a cigar but it now also comes in a patch to help former smokers deal with withdraw.

Withdraw symptoms



depressed mood

trouble concentrating





Muscle twitching

rapid breathing

Drug category

Nicotine is know as a stimulant because it cause you to be more alert while using it.