8-3 Newsletter

February 1-5

What's New?

Wow! What a busy week this ended up being!

We introduced our new BLASt unit to the students on Wednesday. They seem to be very excited about being inventors and entrepreneurs. They were allowed to choose one or two partners. We are not allowing more than 3 in a group. This project will run through the end of the school year. Projects will be presented in a "Shark Tank" format in May. If you are unfamiliar with the TV show Shark Tank you may view this clip to see what it is like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFShW-qxPM4

Next week students will work with their partners to identify a product to “invent”.

Thursday was our "Honor Roll" breakfast. It is great to see so many of our students being recognized for their good work. We enjoyed getting to speak with a few of the parents who were there to help celebrate. We applaud those students for their motivation and effort!

Today we are especially excited to celebrate great behavior! Eighth graders do not often win the "Peace day" competition (fewest office referrals) but this quarter, we did! That means a full hour of fun time at the end of the day. Thanks to our students for "keeping the peace"!

REMINDER Students may always choose to stay for ZAP if they get a permission slip signed and bring it with them on Thursday. Dr. Bridwell keeps a folder of forms available to the students at all times. Every teacher does not keep WOW every week. Students need to make arrangements with a teacher to stay for WOW.

Please contact any of us directly (email is best) if you have questions.

Coming up!

Monday, Feb. 1 Submarine Field Trip

Tuesday, Feb. 2 AP Night at CCHS

Wednesday, Feb. 3 BLASt 1:30-2:30

Thursday, Feb.4 ZAP/WOW

Here is what is happening in our classes!

Mrs. Richardson- Language Arts

This week, blocks 2,4 and 5 will continue to read and annotate TKM. On Friday, they were given the next set of Socratic Seminar questions for part 2 of the book. They will have a root word quiz on Tuesday. They were given them on Monday. We will start learning about infinitives, our last type of verbal.

Block 2 will continue to read The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas. They will have a root word quiz on Tuesday, and we will start working on infinitives