Holiday Gifts

Christmas Presents

I remember when I got my Tablet for Christmas last year. I remember seeing the gifts in my parents bedroom, because there was no where to put them in our Apartment. The day of Christmas I remember seeing my presents and my brother and sister’s, they were in piles of who’s who’s. I opened it up and thought it was a phone at first so I got excited but my mom told me it was a tablet. But it was still pretty cool. Once it I opened it I made the big mistake of taking of the screen protector, now my screen is all gross and scratched. Me and my brother right away started downloading games and played with each other on our tablets.

Going to WWE Live Show

I remember the day I went to the WWE live show with my family. It was just a normal day at my house. Then my dad came into the living room and said we are going to a WWE show I got very excited. I remember going on the trip there and walking into the big building, there was a bunch of other show type rooms there. I remember going to my seat and watching the wrestlers walk out and fight. I also felt my nose bleed when I got in the car to leave from all the yelling and chanting I was doing.
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Wrestling Its not the real place.

Video Games

When I was in 2nd grade I got my first PS3 for Christmas. I remember waking up and seeing all the presents underneath the tree, when my oldest brother went to open it he saw it and lightly yelled. all i got to see was the box not what was in it, and right after I ate the ham my grandma made. My brothers were very excited, but i really wasn’t, I just stuck to the PS2.

Even though the PS3 was for the family I never got a turn or my own account. Every time I’d buy a video game for it my brothers would play it before I would even get a chance. I felt as if I would never get a turn.

The PS3 was fun to have I would always go on, on the weekend to play with my friends on Call of Duty. I remember me my brother did a lot of work so we could get 20 dollar PlayStation card so we could buy a new game.
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I got the ps3 but a different version.

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I had a tv to play it on but it was a flatscreen.