About Figure Skating

Figure Skating

How to figure Skate and why people love to figure skate?

Why people love to figure skate

People love to figure skate because it gives them something that they enjoy and that is what they want to do in life. There are some people who commentating in national championship to win metals for the our country and world. Figure skaters train all week to commentate in the Olympics to win metals and because they have always wated to do that.

Who had come up with the idea of Figure Skating?

Peter the great had brought ideas form Europe and had even had come up with the idea to attach them to the boots. After Peter had passed away many people had forgotten all about skating until a ice skating rink had op-pend in March Of 1878. Shortly after he had passed many people had been going to the ice rink and then they had all practiced and that i how Figure Skating had became a Olympic sport.

Most people think it is easy to figure skate but for other people it is hard. Figure skating is where you have all of these dace moves and twirling. Those moves are the most moves that figure skaters do. Figure skating takes time and practice. People come and practice and they have to take their time and most of the move that figure skaters do are mad up of dace moves and the would count the steps in their head.