Son of Neptune on Thin Ice!

By Perry Beerer

Percy helps the Romans and Defeats a Giant.


The Son of Neptune is about Percy, Hazel and Frank. Percy is the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. When Percy stumbles into a Roman camp, he meets Frank and Hazel. They all were sent on a quest by the Roman god of war, Mars. They caught a boat in San Francisco to go to Alaska to find the golden eagle. They stopped in Seattle first where they meet Hylla, the Queen of the Amazons and ask her to help. Then they went to Frank’s grandmother’s house and had a fight with some giants called Laistrygonians. After that Percy, Hazel and Frank arrive in Alaska where they fight the giant named, Alcyoneus. Lastly, they get back to the Roman camp and stop Alcyoneus' army.

Meet the Demigods

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Frank is a descendant of Poseidon and the son of Mars, the Roman god of war. He is a teenager who was born in Canada, but is of Chinese ancestry. Frank has a special power, he can turn into any animal he wants. He doesn’t think anyone likes him because he is a klutz. Frank’s characteristics are shyness as well as bravery.

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Hazel is the daughter of Pluto, the Roman god the dead. Hazel is able to attract any precious metals or stones. The metals and stones just pop out of the Earth, but they are always cursed. She was rescued from the Underworld and given a second chance at life. Hazel is very brave and a warrior.

Mush to Alaska

The book takes place in modern times and in America. It begins at Camp Jupiter in California where all the Roman half-bloods live. The characters in the book travel to San Francisco to find a boat to take them to Alaska. They stop in Seattle, Washington to ask the Amazons to help them. In Alaska they fight a giant on a glacier.


The conflict was that the Romans lost the golden eagle in Alaska. The golden eagle gives the Romans power. Frank, Percy and Hazel have a quest to go to Alaska to get it back. Also, they only have four days to stop Alcyoneus and his army. Alcyoneus was going to destroy the Roman camp. They headed north to Alaska, stopped Alcyoneus, found the golden eagle, and got back to the Roman camp in time to stop Alcyoneus’ army.

About the author...

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The Son of Neptune

About the Author

Rick Riordan is an author who wrote the Percy Jackson series of books which is about Greek gods and goddesses. He also started another series called the Kane Chronicles which is about Egyptian Gods and magicians. Riordan started the Heroes of Olympus series with The Lost Hero. The Son of Neptune is in this series. He lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife and two sons.

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This was a great follow-up series to the Percy Jackson series.