Food Bank for Lower Wharfe Valley?

Your thoughts & support are vital to this community project

The possibility of helping our neighbours struggling with hunger is almost a reality in Wetherby

After attending the Lower Wharfe Valley Food Bank meeting last night, I am more determined than ever to offer support to this much needed community project. PLEASE see the message below from the Planning Team and click to complete the attached form, thank you in advance for your help - Jo Maltby #wetherbyhour

Without people like us all, there wouldn't be a network of food banks providing emergency food to people in crisis across the UK. Lower Wharfe Valley including Wetherby is no exception with pockets of individuals in great need for food.

The sheer volume of people turning to Food Banks means we cannot ignore the hunger on our doorstep! Food Banks provide short-term solutions to sudden crisis situations, volunteers are specially trained to offer a shoulder and helpful advice if required.

At this stage, the Lower Wharfe Valley Food Bank has identified a need for one in our area and needs our help - please take a couple of minutes to complete the attached form. Any help or support you can provide would be an enormous help to this amazing community project CLICK HERE TO LOAD THE QUESTIONNAIRE

For more information and an update to the progress of Lower Wharfe Valley Food Bank please click here

Thanks in advance for you help.

Lower Wharfe Valley Planning Team

Want to know how a Food Bank works? Please watch this video...