Moving Company

What is Allowed and Not Allowed

The principle behind the hiring of local moving companies is that the moving out is hard enough to do alone. Of course, people can do it themselves, but there are many instances wherein they find it cheaper to hire expert help rather than go through the entire process alone.

If there is a need for movers, this need should be addressed as quickly as possible, especially if there are other factors to consider such as the weather and season. There are also factors such as the unavailability of dates due to jobs and the start of the children’s term.

Availability of Everyone

In such cases, there are only a set of dates. The moving company will, in every case, try to agree with their clients’ preferred date of moving out. Of course, the company will only have an X number of vans and trucks so there are times when they can’t agree.

It's best if the clients talk to local moving companies as early as two months or so. In this, way everyone gets to prepare and plan the moving out without any rushing about. This is advisable in cases where the client has a moving out time that cannot be moved. Two months could help the moving company chosen to set its affairs in order.

Now, the basic standard service that moving companies offer is only composed of picking up and unloading. It is possible to include packing in this as well as other services that are part of the moving out and in business, but these are covered by other rates.

Is it Possible

Before any contract is signed, the clients are advised to ask the moving companies if they can pick up special items and furniture, which the client may have. The moving companies may already have a list of these ready in their offices.

Most movers cannot pack up and deliver plants, especially on long-distance drives. It takes a special vehicle to deliver the plants safely without causing these undue damage or stress due to the heat, lack of water and light. If the heat outside is high, then the inside of the truck or van is even more heated.

Of course, even if the moving company is able to deliver plants, there are still states that do not allow the inter-state entry of plants. Some states ban all plants from entering, while others have no such prohibition. Local moving companies can help their clients in this because they’re usually familiar with what’s allowed in the business and what’s not.

Other type non-deliverables are the pets. The moving companies cannot guarantee their safety inside the trucks and vans. As such, the clients should carry these in their own cars. In fact, this is a question that is nearly never asked because clients tend to keep their pets closer to them.

But in cases, wherein pets cannot be accommodated in the clients’ vehicles, local moving companies can help their clients by giving other suggestions. These people know which companies offer services that include the delivery of pets.

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