Ethan Klein

For United States Congress

Vote for the Right Man from New York's 8th District

A man willing to fight for the name of freedom. He supports acts to stop illegal immigration, put money and jobs into American lives, and stopping beastiality and ensuring America will return to it's glory by starting with New York and New York City. Planning to let smoking weed legal, he plans on leading #Vapenation to glory and prosperity.

Planning to make a Difference

By focusing on 3 bigs issues for more military spending to stop ISIS, less social welfare getting funded so people can keep the money they earned, and to enforce strict illegal immigration policies on people coming into New York so that people that are in New York are supposed to be in New York


Planning on being very active in Congress, Ethan plans on becoming a member of the Veterans' Affairs Committee, Foreign Relations Committee, and the Armed Services Committee. He doesn't plan on stopping there as he wants to work up to be Speaker of the House