S.S Civilization Project-Economy

By: Josie Ferro

What Type Of Money Does My Civilization Use?

My civilization uses "Josie's Paper Dollars".

What Type Of Goods Does My Civilization Have Supply Of (Exports)?

My civilization has the Exports of Corn and Wheat.

What Type Of Good Is My Civilization In Demand For (Imports)?

My civilization needs the Import of Coal.

Does My Civilization Have Any Goods That Are A Surplus?

Some supply that my civilization has a surplus of is Corn and Wheat.

How do you trade/barter with other civilizations? Who do you trade with?

My civilization is trading with Utah because of how close Utah is to my civilization. With any items that my civilization has a surplus of I will trade or barter with Utah.

What kinds of jobs are available for your citizens?

Some jobs that are in my civilization are being a teacher, Workers, and Protection.