September 7, 2015 :: 15 Items

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Cafeteria Dismissal

Thank you to those of you who are ready to receive your children as they line up in the cafeteria. Straight, calm lines are crucial to student safety and an enjoyable cafeteria. Shriley and Kerri need your help! We will be monitoring teacher arrival, and we thank you in advance for being on time.

Bragging on Teachers

"My son is LOVING kindergarten:) Mrs. Ezell is great and I couldn't be happier that he is so happy!"

LCES Science Fair

Here is the LCES Science Fair Website. Please make a big deal of this and pass it on to your students and parents. Thank you to parent Mini Chatoth and Donna McGinley for leading this charge.
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Timelines for 2015 - 2016 School Year

Field Trips

  • Please submit your field trip request at least a month in advance.
  • Last day for off campus field trips will be March 31, 2016
  • Last day for in house field trips will be May 13, 2016


    • Please submit your request for approval by November 10, 2015. See me for the form.

    Teacher Fund-raiser's
    • Please submit your request on an Event Scheduling Form for approval by November 10, 2015.

    Spending $100 PTA Grant Money
    • Please submit your request for reimbursement by November 10, 2015.

    eCLASS Expectations for 2015-2016

    1. Use discussion boards at least 1x for Language Arts and 1x for Math
    2. Newsletters - by September newsletters need to be in eCLASS
    3. If you have a website (Weebly etc.) the link needs to be in eCLASS (the school's site will eventually not have website links to teacher (weebly, etc.) websites.
    4. Use eCLASS to assign homework at least once every week starting in October. This can be an assignment you would assign regularly - not "extra" homework.

    eCLASS Fall Support Plan

    The following link is to the county's Fall Support Plan for eCLASS. All courses are open in PDE and available for registration. If you want to get better at eCLASS this will help get you there. Take a look!

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    District Assessment Format for Constructed Response Assessments

    In response to feedback on the new Interim and Midyear assessments containing constructed/open response items, the Assessment Office will be dividing District Assessments (DAs) in to two parts:

    • Part A contains all the multiple choice items.
    • Part B contains one or two constructed/open response items for ELA and Math.
    • Instructions for teachers will be sent out soon.
    • The constructed/open response items are field tested this year and should not count for a grade.

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    Vision Cohort

    Registration Opens Sept. 1 for Vision Cohort 7

    The Offices of LA , MA, and SC are partnering to offer professional development that promotes a workshop model classroom and encourages cross-curricular reading and writing. Our learning topics this year include the Gradual Release of Responsibility, the craft of reading and writing, and learning through inquiry. K-5 classes will have a STEM focus.

    Vision Cohort 7 will meet from 8:00AM–12:00PM on Oct. 24, Nov. 14, Dec. 5, Jan. 9, and Jan. 30. Participants with at least 80% attendance will earn two PLUs; participants with 100% attendance will receive copies of all professional and mentor texts used in their grade level class during the Vision sessions.

    Please register through the PD&E Tool - section numbers:

    K– #21383

    1st gr– #21384

    2nd gr- #21385

    3rd gr- #21386

    4th gr- #21387

    5th gr- #21388

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    Goals of Collaborative Planning

    As you meet on Tuesdays:

    1. Collaboratively plan lessons

    2. Use data/student work to plan

    3. Deconstruct the standards


    First off, thank you for recycling! A few friendly reminders:

    1. The recycle can in the mail room is for bottles.
    2. The dumpster out back is for paper recycling.

    Thank you again for your desire to recycle.

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    Dear Teachers,

    It is time for the Reflections competition! We are so excited to have it in our school and we are looking forward to a great turn out. In order to achieve our goal to get 125 entries this year (last year we had 84 entries) we are kindly asking for your support in encouraging the students to participate. This year’s theme is “Let Your Imagination Fly”.

    Art Categories are:

    · Dance Choreography

    · Film Production

    · Literature

    · Music Composition

    · Photography

    · Visual Arts

    The deadline for entries is September 14th or 15th. Tables will be set up in the upper and lower hallways to receive entries.

    If you choose to do a class assignment regarding the Reflections theme please keep in mind that each entry must be the original work of one student only. Please note that literature entries must not exceed 2,000 words and visual art must not exceed 24” X 30” including the mounting or matting. Attached you will find the Reflections abridged rules for your reference. Please also have the student review the rules for their art entry prior to submission. The rules and entry form can be found on the LCE website at

    Thank you so much for your support.


    Kristin Gillespie

    Ute Matthee

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    Vision & Mission

    We talked a bit about the Mission and Vision that the Leadership Team Developed this summer. We will talk about next steps with Leadership this Thursday, but we wanted you to see this now so it is fresh in your mind.
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    North Gwinnett BBQ Softball and Wrestling Fundraiser

    Please support these programs by purchasing a $10 meal that includes the BEST BBQ, 2 sides, pickle, bread, and dessert.

    Date: Friday, September 25th (Mill Creek football game)

    Two options: 1) Will be delivered to Level Creek for lunch for staff

    2) Buy a ticket to eat the BBQ dinner at the High School before the game

    Please contact Angela Dennis for more information or to buy a ticket. Thank you!!

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    How well have your classroom routines taken hold?

    Establishing Classroom Routines Up Front

    “A classroom routine,” says classroom management guru Fred Jones in this Tools for Teaching website article, “is simply a well-rehearsed response to a teacher’s directive. The alternative is usually noise, milling around, and time-wasting on the part of students and nagging on the part of the teacher. A classroom routine is, therefore, one of the teacher’s primary labor-saving devices.” Jones contends that the time spent establishing routines in the first two weeks of school eliminates huge amounts of wasted time from that point on.

    But firmly establishing routines takes time and determination. “They cannot simply be announced,” says Jones. “They must be taught and practiced.” Here’s how a fourth-grade teacher worked with her students on walking silently from their classroom to the library:

    - She explains how noise in the halls prevents other classes from learning.

    - She establishes several silent signals: A finger to her lips for silence; a signal for a straight line; gestures to stop and start moving and to stop, go back, and start all over.

    - The class lines up and files down the hallway toward the library.

    - A student in the line giggles and the teacher turns, gives the Go back signal, and the class, with some disgruntled faces, shuffles back to the classroom and lines up to try again. “Some show disbelief for a moment before they realize that you are not kidding,” says Jones. “Keeping a straight face is the hardest part of this routine.”

    - The second time, the class makes it two-thirds of the way to the library, but someone talks and the teacher once again gives the Go back signal. “This time you see real pain on the faces of students,” says Jones. “Several students mouth the words, ‘I didn’t do it,’ with pleading hands and looks of exaggerated sincerity. Keep a straight face.”

    - The third time, the class is almost at the library door when someone messes up and students once again return to their classroom. “The pain registered on faces the third time around is almost too much to bear,” says Jones. “Bite your lip. Old pros know that this is the only way to play the game. Green teachers need to be reassured that they are doing the right thing. By practicing the routine to mastery, you are signaling to the students by your investment of time and energy that this piece of behavior is important. And, you are teaching the students a thing or two about yourself. They are learning that you are the living embodiment of two timeless characterizations of a teacher: I say what I mean and I mean what I say. We are going to keep doing this until we get it right.”

    - The fourth time around, a transformation takes place. The class clowns and nonconformists, instead of getting reinforced for their behavior, get glares from their peers. The majority of students “start losing patience,” says Jones. “They are tired of trekking up and down the stupid hall. When they finally lose patience with this repeated practice, they also lose patience with the few who are causing them to do it.” The class learns that “Quiet means quiet” and makes it all the way to the library.

    “Research has repeatedly shown that highly effective teachers spend most of the first two weeks of the semester teaching their classroom routines,” concludes Jones. “They know that there is no free lunch. It is a case of: Pay me now, or pay me later. Do it right, or do it all year long.” And this is true right up through high school, he says.

    “Succeeding with Classroom Structure: Rules, Routines, and Standards” by Fred Jones in Tools for Schools, August 25, 2015,

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    Don't Miss Out!- North Gwinnett Schools Foundation

    The NGSF Allocations committee is pleased to announce the 2015-2016 Grant

    Application Package is now uploaded and available on our website (under

    GRANTS tab) at:

    For your convenience, the link below offers immediate access to the

    NGSF Grant Application Package

    This NEW package features details and process information including:

    - Overview/Grant Timeline

    - Tips for Completing the Application

    - Grant Application Checklist

    - Grant Application Form (includes 'clickable' fields and fillable forms)

    At this time, we encourage all principals to review and share this

    exciting news with teachers and staff at your earliest convenience. We

    look forward to receiving submissions for consideration by our deadline

    date - Friday, September 25, 2015 at 3:00pm.

    If you have any questions regarding the Grant Application and/or process,

    please email:

    If you want a walk-through, the foundation created this video.