Different strategies

What is Bullying

Bullying is when someone tries to hurt someone's feelings by hitting or saying rude things.

Types of bullying

There are 4 types of bullying verbal , social , physical and cyber bullying. Verbal bullying is when you say mean things such as bad words.Physical bullying is when you use your body (like your hand) to hurt someone.Social bullying is when you bully someone with a group of people.Finally cyber bullying is when you use a device to bully someone.
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How to Stop Bullying

there are three different ways to stop bullying.  It is wwh which stands for words, walk away then help

Use words to stop the bully

Tell the bully to stop bothering you and keep doing it. If the bully is still bullying you, then move to the next step which is...

Walk away and ignore the bully

If the bully is still bothering you then ignore the bully and walk away and soon the bully will give up.

Get help

If the bully is STILL bothering, you have to get help from a friend or adult and they will help stop the bully

How to Help

To help stop bullying, if someone is being bullied then go and help stop the bullying!
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