Latin America Road Trip

Where I am going

I am starting in Mexico City then going to Kingston Jamaica the next is Santiago Chile and the last is Guatemala City.

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Mexico City

Relative location- Near southern end

Physical features- Tehuantepec mountains,

Human features- Chichen-Itza Mayan city, bad water

Modification- tall buildings

Movement- building of buildings,

Traits of culture- mariachi bands, Mayan dances, Mayan temples

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Relative location- the capital is located on the eastern side

Physical features- jungles, beaches

Human features- music,

Modification- houses built up higher

How do the people depend on government-to protect them from foreign problems


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Relative location- in the middle of the country

Physical features- snow covered mountains

Human features-Stronger house for earthquakes, streets

How do the people depend on the government-to deal with foreign problems


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Guatamala City

Relative location- on the southern side

Physical features- mountains, jungles

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