Highly Effective Students

Camron A.

My Habits Now

As of now I don't study and I don't really have to try hard in school. It is very simple and a lot of the time I don't exactly learn a lot. Today school has not challenged me I just don't try and I still succeed greatly.

Top 5 Study Habits

Catch Some Zzz's- Don't stay up until 4am playing video games or watching Netflix

Attend Class- Actually go to class instead of skipping and staying home

Organize- Bring some of the previous materials with me to class instead of throwing them away

Manage Your Time Wisely- Hang out with friends after I do homework or study

Identify How You Learn- Use the way that helps me learn the best more effectively

My Future

In the next few years I plan to be a motorcycle technician. It is not as simple as people would think to work on the vehicles of today and the job is undermined, but it is not hard at all to become a motorcycle technician. To be a motorcycle technician I will be going to school for 10-17 months depending on how much I want to learn or how far into the training I wan to go.
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