Professional Development

March 18, 2015

Congratulations to the Employee of the Week Winners

February 23rd- Judith Longello

March 2nd- Shanaya Hughston

Marche 9th- Theresa Thompson

March 16th- Shayna Walker

Please sign in to the PD and you are excused for the afternoon! Enjoy!


12:00pm- Announcements

12:10pm- AIMS Web Training

12:15pm- Training

-Grades K-2 Student Engagement (Room 104)

-Grades 3-5, Specialist Teachers, Vassallo, Wise- PSSA Training (Room 303)

-Special Education Stein and Waggle (Classroom-IEP writing time)

1:30pm- Dismissal

PSSA Training

12:15pm- PSSA General Announcments

12:20pm- Review of Testing Manuals

12:45pm- PSSA Video/Test

1:30pm- Review of Testing Groups

1:40pm- Review of Testing Procedures/Breaks

1:50pm- Questions

2:15pm- Take down classroom materials


-Budget Updates

-Missed Preps

-Sign-In Book

-Lesson Plans Due by 11am

-Data Books Due Next Week