News from the Benefits Office

Reminder to BE SAFE!

A lot of employees are injured at work during this busy time of the school year. We want you to be safe!

Please keep these few simple things in mind as we complete the last few weeks of the school year:

  1. Do not climb on stools, chairs, tables, counters, cabinets, etc. Use an approved step ladder. That means YOU!

  2. Wear sensible shoes – most of the injuries we see are from slip, trip and falls

  3. Know where you are walking – look for trip hazards

  4. Lift with your legs (not your back)

  5. Elementary staff – most of us have aged at least a year since last spring so - be aware of your own limitations when field day comes around.

  6. Finally, even though Sam is happily retired, you are reminded to ask yourself – “What would Sam say?” before you ______________ (fill in the blank).

Have a safe and healthy rest of the school year!