Ripping to Rhythm

By Rubie Klausen


What kinda of music helps you shoot better?


I think Spa music helps you shoot better because its relaxing and calming


According to researchers, music affects our mood in a variety of ways. But at the base of the phenomenon is rhythm and tone. When we listen to a rhythm, our heart beat actually begins to synch with it.

Of course, its not all that simple. Researchers all over the world are heavy on the trail of just how, and how much, music can create mood in changes in there listening. Some people do " Music Therapy " also revealed cheer in the process, not just the result.


1st- Go grab a basketball

2nd- Go to the free throw line

3rd- I will turn on 1 of the 4 types of music

4th- Shoot 10 with all of the music

5th- I will record how many you make

6th- You are done


Big image


All in all Spa music helps you shoot better. It calms and relaxes you when you are shooting. Sometime you should try!