Turkish Delight

a delicious sweet

A little bit about this sweet smelling candy...

INGREDIENTS:Buy Turkish Delight! It is a sweet made with starch and powdered sugar. It is often flavored with rose water or lemon. Many people enjoy Turkish Delight.

WERE THE BEST COMES FROM:Some of the best Turkish Delight is found in Narnia. The White Witch created the best Turkish Delight.

CONTACT INFO: You can contact her by her cell, 760-1243-9012 or you can send her something at 55522 Two-Drive, Narnia.

INTERNET INFO: You can order Turkish Delight to. You can order it at Narnia Delight.com

WHERE TO GET IT: You can find Turkish Delight almost anywhere. It is most commonly found at Narnia or candy store

Be aware that this sweet candy can make you have very bad stomach aches

Hope that you enjoyed it! See you soon!

Published on 3-17-15