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October and November Newsletter

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9-12: Assess letter and sound recognition for the 1st 9 weeks

10: Mrs. Joines is out of the classroom in the afternoon for a GT meeting

13: Fire Prevention Presentation by the Fire Department

16: Parent/Teacher Conferences

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17: Mrs. Joines will be out today at a Leadership Conference; students will have a sub this day

20: Early Release at 12:10

20: Homecoming Football @ 7:30

24-31: Red Ribbon Week; students will dress up for the theme days, however, they have not been decided upon just yet. As soon as they have I will let you know!

26: Word Wall Test 2

26: Report Cards sent home


13-17: Book Fair

14: Pastries with Parents @ 7:00 am

20: Early Release @ 12:10 for Homecoming Parade @ 2:00

30: Word Wall Test 3

30: 4 Weeks Progress Reports sent home

Each Tuesday Bobcat Reading Folders are sent home. Please initial the folder after reading it with your child and send it back on Wednesday.

Thursday folders are sent home each week, unless I am out of the classroom, then they will be sent home the next time I am back in the classroom to be returned the next school day back.

Have your child wear ORANGE every Friday!

Class Wish List

If you could donate any of the following it would be greatly appreciated:

  • 2 packages colored Goldfish for math
  • Colored solo cups- any color besides red
  • Plain Cheerios for snack when kids forget their snack
  • 2 packages jelly beans
  • 2 packages of cookies for treat at the end of the month
  • 20 capri-suns
  • small stickers to use when checking folders
  • some holiday needs will be coming up, but I will send them out separately
  • large pumpkins (3) for math and science

What we are Learning



We will be learning about fire safety and firemen. We will be learning about what to do in a fire, who to call for help, and learning about what is and is not important in a fire. We will also be learning about dispatchers and how they help the firemen and the person who is calling in when there is an emergency. We will have a visit from the fireman this month!

We will be reading expository and fictional text about bats, owls, and spiders. We will be comparing and contrasting bats and birds. We will be creating these creatures with paint, construction paper and other various materials to reach our creative kids! We will be labeling them, learning about their life cycles, and learning facts about each one of them!

We will be writing about what we are learning and all of this will be put into a book that will be sent home at the end of the month!


We will be learning about traditions we all have with our families. Discussing what needs and wants are. We will be doing some fun turkey projects to stretch the kids' imaginations.

We will also be reading Fairy Tales and Fables and variations of them to learn that one reason authors write is to teach a lesson.


October and November:

We are working on using story boards to tell stories, with a concentration on beginning, middle and end. We are discussing, characters, setting, problem and solution. We are using our 5 senses in writing to develop characters and our stories more vividly for our reader.

Most students are beginning to write short sentences now with an emphasis on a capital letter at the beginning of the sentences, space between words, sight words spelled correctly, and punctuation at the end of the sentence.


October and November:

We will be continue adding and subtraction will be introduced. We have learned strategies to solve equations; use objects, fingers, pictures, number lines and we will be learning how to count on soon.

We will be learning about different patterns and will be completing them, creating our own, and having friends complete each other's patterns.

Number for students to recognize at this point in the year are up to 10 both as a numeral and in a set.

Science and Social Studies:

Types of energy; heat, sound, light

Magnetic and non-magnetic materials; What is a magnet?

Our community and authority figures

Christopher Columbus and his contributions

Wants and Needs

Customs and Traditions

Sight Words

Oct. 2-6: with, a, you, me

Oct. 9-13: it, an, come, here, am

Oct. 16-20: is, what, your

Oct. 23-27: REVIEW, TEST on Oct. 26

Oct. 30-Nov. 3: do, are, in, does

Nov. 6-10: now, one, two, three, four

Nov. 13-17: five, have, as, who

Nov. 20-24: Thanksgiving Break!

Nov. 27-Dec. 1: REVIEW, TEST on Nov. 30

December: We will review ALL sight words taught up through this point to solidify words, give kids more practice reading them, spelling them, and using them in their writing.

Celina Primary Newsletter- From the Principal