Beautiful & fun creations with data!

What are infographics?


Wikipedia: visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

Let's try it!


Link here.

· Super easy to use!

· I love the compare/contrast layout.

· Can share through a link or save as a PNG or PDF.

· Can mark as “Private”.

Watermarks with free version


Link here.

· Includes a ton of options for charts and graphs!

· Only U.S. map is included with free version.

· Product shared through a link.

· Published items are public.


Link here.

· Can share through a link or save as a PNG file.

· Once published, can view as a presentation.

· Great map functions!

· Published items are public.

Complete your assignment!

1. Decide on a topic in your curriculum.

2. Choose a tool.

3. Create three sections using different features of the infographics.

4. How will you assess student learning?