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Published: October 14, 2019

Principals Message

The first quarter ends on October 16th. By contract, our staff has one week to input and finalize grades for the first quarter. After October 23rd we will print progress reports and mail them home. You should also be able to view grades in Infinite Campus. As a reminder, daily grades are kept in Canvas. Infinite Campus is used for quarter checkups and your child's final grades at the end of the year. Year-long course grades are not final until the end of the year. Semester course grades are not final until December. Quarter course grades are final at the quarter.

All of our core courses are year-long courses (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies). Students are building mastery throughout the year. The goal is that all students be at a 3 level by May in each of the priority standards evaluated throughout the year. It will be common for students to have 1's and 2's on standards in October.

4 = The student has mastered the standard and is now completing enrichment activities to deepen understanding of the standard. This may include extensive writing, research, and reading about the topic.

3 = The student has mastered all of the prerequisite skills necessary to understand the standard itself in depth AND has mastered all components of the standard.

2 = The student has independently mastered all of the prerequisite skills necessary to understand the standard itself but still requires support to understand all components of the standard.

1 = The student requires help to understand the prerequisite skills necessary to understand the standard.

0 = Typically means a student is not putting forth the required effort even with help to understand prerequisite skills leading to mastery of standards. This is VERY rare in our school. Our kids, as a collective unit and as individuals, work extraordinarily hard and are diligent in completing the assigned work so that they can make adequate progress day to day.

Erika Bowles

James Demetrakis

This Week's Events

Monday: No School Today

Tuesday: Archery Practice, Basketball Tryouts (see schedule below)

Wednesday: Choir concert at 7pm, Photography Club, Yearbook Club, Friendship Bracelet Club after school, Energy Club, Recycling Club, Academic Team matches at Camp Ernst

Thursday: Archery Practice, Basketball Tryouts (see schedule below), Academic Team Practice

Friday: Basketball Tryouts (see schedule below), Forensics Team Practice, Movie Club, Sign Language Club

Ballyshannon SEL, Counseling, and Guidance

CLICK HERE to learn more about the programs Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Steinbrunner organize for our kids.

Info From Our Teachers

6th Grade Newsletter for October--Click here!

7th Grade Newsletter for October...see attachment below.

8th Grade Newsletter for October--Click here!

Info from our PTSA

Friday, October 25th - Halloween Dance sponsored by Cheerleaders from 7-9

Friday, November 1st - 2nd Annual Ballyshannon Color Run

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Basketball Tryout Times

6th Girls

  • Oct 18 5-615
  • Oct 19 1230-2
  • Oct 21 3-430
  • Oct 23 5-615

7th Girls

  • Oct 18 615-730
  • Oct 19 2-330
  • Oct 21 430-6
  • Oct 23 615-730

8th Girls

  • Oct 15 5-630
  • Oct 18 730-845
  • Oct 22 5-630
  • Oct 23 730-845

6th Boys

  • Oct 17 5-615
  • Oct 19 11-1230
  • Oct 21 6-730
  • Oct 24 5-615

7th Boys

  • Oct 17 615-730
  • Oct 19 930-11
  • Oct 21 730-9
  • Oct 24 615-730

8th Boys

  • Oct 15 630-830
  • Oct 17 730-845
  • Oct 22 630-8
  • Oct 24 730-845
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We do allow our kids to dress up on Halloween in costume. That said, they do need to stay in dress code and the costumes cannot be gory, too provocative, advertise items that middle school students should not consume, etc. If your child has an idea for a costume and you think it might be a problem, have them come see me (Bowles). We'll chat about the appropriateness of their idea for the school setting and in most cases can make a few minor adjustments to allow them to express their creativity within the confines of the dress code.


Please, please, please. Please. Keep the candy at home this year. Last year on November 1st I thought we opened our own candy factory at school. It was like "locker trick or treat day". Not this year. I especially need you to keep all of the peanut and peanut butter candy out of the school. Thanks so much!

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School Hours

Doors open: 7:00am (students report to gym or cafe)

Breakfast: 7:00-7:30am

Tardy Bell: 7:35am (students must be in their 1st period classroom)

Buses, Walkers, Bike Riders dismiss: 2:35pm

Car Riders dismiss: 2:40pm