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As an Introduction, i am a student and im from IRAN, i started Living in Malaysia since i was 17 for 6 years and now im in Estonia for about a year. my major is Architecture but my love my passion is all about cars and tuning, modifying and car projects. my first car ever was a Fiat Marea 2000 ( 1.6 16v twin cam auto ) so i didn't do much with this car and i was learning during the time i had this car. after a year i bought a proton Satria ( a copy from Mitsubishi colt) 1994 it was not in a good condition so i made it a project car and because it was a 1.3 magma engine so i wanted to try my ideas on the look of the car. after a year and half i wanted something faster and i was in love with Mitsubishi and specifically Colt 1990 to 1995 so i found a great deal for a slightly modified Colt ( 1995 ) and i got it right away and i worked my way into the engine and learnt and did my best work on that car which i was so so so satisfied with it and unfortunately i had to sell it because i was leaving to Estonia. that was the worst part of my life. i loved it and i miss my baby beast so much.

Enough about me, what i really want to say is that i would never pay a lot of money for a new car i prefer to get and older car and create a safe reliable beast out of it and i know there are millions of people around the world that would do the same as me and way more people who don't agree with me so i would love to know what is your point of view??

what you drive??

you suggestions??

and more and more .

Quickest Mitsubishi Colt AWD in germany 978HP & 871Nm


Please feel free to email or post or talk here and we can discuss and share ideas and argue over the main argument over this page. tell me what do u think alot of money for a stock car from a factory or you also prefer to do something like me

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Maybe we can find more people around the world or even here in estonia and make some gathering and events