Mobile Technologies

Educational Applications for iOS devices

Types of Educational Applications

While researching the various apps that can be used in K-12 classrooms, I noticed that there are 3 general uses for these apps.

1) Practice: These types of apps enable learners to practice material at their own pace, in their own time.

2) Tool: These apps can be utilized by teachers and students to suit their needs in the classroom.

3) Reference: These apps supplement course material and learners can use these types of apps to recall information in their own time.



You can learn 10 languages using this app, including French, Spanish, and German. This app can be used in supplement to language classes (including English) to supplement curriculum activities.

math 42

You can practice math problems at various levels, from grade 7 to 12 . This app teaches techniques for problem solving and completing equations. In a classroom you can use it to supplement homework questions since it explains mathematical procedure of multiple topics. Student will have the ability to review the process of solving problems at home while completing assignments.



iTeacherBook consists of many features that enable classroom management and organization. Teachers can use this app to keep attendance, schedule, and more. This app can be used with students by using the feature that enables teachers to hand out assignments digitally.

Timeline 3D

This application is a great way for both teachers and students to enhance time line lessons are projects. This interface allows for an interactive and interesting timeline where you can included images and video to accompany dates and facts. Students can access a teachers interactive time line outside of class and explore the details of the presentation at their own pace.


Star Chart

This app lets learners learn about constellations immediately after identifying them. It is interesting and highly interactive so students will likely be interested in using it beyond curriculum requirements.

Science Glossary

This app has a collection consisting of definitions for scientific terms. It enables learners to have another access point to this information. This can be used in a lesson to supplement an activity or assignment by allowing students to access this information freely, as needed.