By: Megan Paquet

About Jews

The followers of Judaism are called Jews. Jews believe that the main goal of Judaism is to live a good life according to the law of the Torah. They also believe in Sabbath. Sabbath is a belief of the Jews that starts on Friday evening and ends on Sat. eve. The Jews have a barmitzah if they are boys and batmitzah if they are girls. Barmitzah/batmitzahs are when kids become adults. Jews eat kosher foods which are shellfish or milk or meat products. The place of worship for the Jews is called a synagogue. The Jews worship leader is a rabbi. There holy book is called a tenah. The Jews have four main holidays are Rosh Hashanah which is like new years, Yom Kippur which is where they pray for forgiveness and atone for their sins, Passover which marks the Angle of Death pass over Hebrews in bondage in Egypt, and Hanukkah is where they celebrate oil lasting eight days when there was only enough for one day in temple. The common holy site for Jews is the last remains of the holy temple. The Jews believe in the god of Abraham. The Jews believe in one god which is called monothistic