Hexbug City

A country of freedom!

Hexbug City

Hexbug City is an extreme place with an extreme amusement park with extreme Hexbug Nano cars. Not enough excitement? Look at Hexbug Nano themed Wii consoles, video games, and Hexbug Nano wii remotes! Not enough Hexbug excitement? Some Hexbug Nano cars glow in the dark! Some of them come with a mutation friend! The mutation friend mutates your Hexbug Nano cars! Some of them come with golden mutation friends! The golden mutation friend turns your Hexbug Nano car into a golden Hexbug Larva car! There's even pet Hexbugs, Hexbug computers, Hexbug phones, Hexbug Facebook, Hexbug Spider pets, and Hexbug mutation pets! Some Hexbug pets are golden, sapphire, ruby, bronze, diamond, onyx, silver, and emerald!

Hexbug City

Hexbug City is a country ruled by law (republic).

What the country will look like

The country will be a peaceful place because of the balance of the laws.
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Newcomers will be treated with kindness and respect.

What rights will people have?

People will have the right to sing, play computer games, play video games, be active, go to school, get a job, and buy stuff from stores.

Who is in charge?

The naional president and state presidents.

Who gets to be in the government? How are they chosen?

Kids and adults will get to choose the next president, sentatives, and state presidents/mayors.


The judicial branch will be the law approval or disapproval place.

If the judicial branch approves the law, then it is passed on to the legislative branch, who makes the laws.

The executive branch is where the president lives.

Will there be taxes? How will they be used? Who will pay? How much?

It all depends on what kind of business a person is running. The taxes will be used on schools, churches, fire departments, police departments, hospitals, stores, restaurants, homes, apartments, post offices, airports, phone companies, and to help out the homeless.


1.No truancy

2.No weapons of any kind (unless you’re a police officer)

3.No going faster than the speed limit sign says

4.No smoking

5.No buying pirated CD’s or DVD’s

6.No littering

7.No robbing banks

8.No robbing jewelry stores

9.Newcomers will be treated with kindness and respect

10.No killing animals

11.No murdering

12.Don't pass a red light

13.No drugs

14.Stay on your side of the lane (except if there is a sign that says merge to right or left lane)

What the laws will be

No speeding more than the speed limit sign says, no weapons of any kind (except if you're a police officer), don't pass a red light, no truancy, stay on your side of the lane (except if there is a sign that says merge to right or left lane), no smoking, no buying pirated CD's or DVD's, no littering, no robbing banks, no robbing jewelry stores, newcomers will be treated with kindness and respect, no killing animals, and no murdering.

What if someone tries to hurt the government?

If someone hurts the government, they will be sentenced to life in prison.