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September 24, 2020

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Dear Penngrove Families,

Well, YOU DID IT!!!!!!! It's time for Fall Break!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!

When I think about these last eleven weeks of school, I am filled with a lot of things, but mostly, I am filled with PRIDE.

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Parents. Hands down, we could NOT have done this without you. And we will not be able to do it again without you. We need you. We honor you. We appreciate you. We see you. We feel for you. Thank you for doing an absolutely outstanding job these past eleven weeks. You have been an extension of our staff when we needed you most. Simply put, our #pennpanther parents and families are the best.

Resilience. These kids. Can we talk about these kids?! Their resilience fills me with pride. They miss their friends, hands on learning, recess, waving to Fred, hugs from their teachers, seeing entire faces, the list goes on. And through it all, a drastic change in their education that no other children have ever faced, they rise. Logging into Zoom, watching videos, sending messages, attending office hours, submitting assignments, creating work spaces, managing schedules, screentime. Our #pennpanthers are resilient. I am so proud of them.

iPads. Oh iPads...great news for all of us. Sometime throughout this school year, your child will be receiving a new iPad! Our district is currently beginning the process for a device refresh which means new technology is coming our way. More storage, fewer glitches, better cameras, awesome cases (with keyboards!), so much to look forward to! Thank you for hanging in there for the final weeks and probably months with these iPads.

Downtime. This fall break, you all deserve some MAJOR downtime. You've earned it! How will you provide that downtime for your kids? They still require human connections, excessive praise, reassurance from those they love, and lots of play time. Foster as much downtime as you can over fall break and prioritize doing things that fill your child's social and emotional soul. Soak up that downtime. You've earned it.

Energize. I think by now, we all realize this is a marathon, not a sprint. Energizing ourselves in order to energize our children is really critical to their success. Monitor your own personal self care. Allow your kids to make the most of fall break so you can return to learning in October energized and ready to go.

We will miss your warmth, your enthusiasm, your partnership, and mostly the voices and faces of our #pennpanthers this break. Thank you for filling me with even more love and pride for this community than I ever thought possible.

Hold on to hope,


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Thank you so much for spreading love and sharing hope these past couple of weeks! We are so excited to share student made cards of encouragement with our local first responders. We are also excited to send each member of Team Penn into Fall Break with a self care goodie bag! Thank you thank you thank you for your generosity.
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We have a couple of things for you to pick up this FRIDAY if you'd like them!

#1 Craft supplies your child will need if he/she wants to participate in the Around the World Wednesday craft the week we get back from break on October 21st.

#2 A time capsule packet! This is a fun memory packet for students to do to capture what life is like during COVID-19. Thanks to our PTA for putting this fun activity together for our students.

Please note, both items are optional but we'd love your students to have a chance to participate. We will have two boxes set up in each parking lot (family parking lot and staff parking lot) on Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 6 pm. These are self-service boxes. As always, please sanitize and only touch what you take!
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Panther Supply Kit

The #PennPTA is holding on to hope that our #PennPanthers will be on campus during the 2020/21 school year. To assist with the requirement for individual student supplies we have created the opportunity for families to purchase a pre-made Panther Supply Kit for $26 per student. Buying the items individually will not only cost more but will also take more of your precious time and hassle shopping around. Supply kits will be delivered to the classroom prior to on-campus learning resuming.

If for any reason in-person classes do not resume this year, the supplies will still be used by the current classes and sent home in Distance Learning packets.

PTA has pre-purchased enough supplies for every single student and will provide kits to all students, regardless of their ability to purchase one. Our goal is to break even on the costs of supplies versus sales. If there is a surplus in sales, the money will be reflected in an amended PTA budget and be funneled right back into creating magic for our community. Families are typically asked to contribute money towards field trips, but unfortunately, this school year field trips are highly unlikely. We have also included the opportunity to donate a kit to the school.

Kits are available online to purchase on the #PennPTA website, here. We do not have a deadline to order while on Distance Learning, thank you for your support!

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Join the #PennPTA for a virtual LEGO building contest! We will hold a show-and-tell via Zoom for students to share their creations. There are only four rules:

1- No prepackaged kits! Use your creativity to build your own design.
2- Follow the maximum number of pieces listed below.
3- Submit a photo of your creation to
4- Have fun!!

TK - K (100 pieces)
1 - 3 (150 pieces)
4 - 6 (200 pieces)

Winners based on creativity and originality will be selected in each of the above grade-level categories.
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The #PennPTA is holding monthly Community Chats on various topics. These are open forum outlets to meet members of the #PennVillage and discuss relevant items. The first topic is ‘Parenting through Distance Learning.’

Zoom Information:

Meeting ID: 987 9624 7087

Passcode: ZvBFM8

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Help your Panther's class win, join PTA today!!

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Weekly Message From Mrs. Fadeji!

As shared with students in their Monday meetings or via learning platforms, but for your viewing pleasure to provide consistency.
Weekly Message from Mrs. Fadeji September 21

Around the World Episode #8, in Ireland!!

Around the World - Episode 8

Art to Remember

Hi Families and Friends,

Our school is participating in a creative fundraiser with Art to Remember that allows you to purchase keepsake products customized with your child's art. (Penngrove has run similar programs through Original Works and Silver Graphics in the past). There are over 60 products and many are less than $15. These make great gifts and a percentage of every purchase goes right back to our school. The exciting part is that you can select any piece of artwork from home! You can use art from e-learning, choose a piece from earlier in the year, or create something new. Just click on the link below, click the "upload" button, select a piece of artwork, search for your child's name, and start shopping. You can upload additional pieces and save them in a digital family gallery. Have fun creating and shopping!

Order by November 16th for guaranteed holiday delivery!
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1. A copy of your green card (both sides)

2. List of all trips you have taken out of the United States during the past 5 years, including

departure and return dates

3. List of addresses of all places you have live, worked and/or attended school during the

past 5 years, including start and end dates

4. If you are currently married: spouse?s full legal name, date of birth, Social Security or

residency card number (A#), date and place of naturalization (if applicable), and current


5. Information about all your prior marriages and about all of your current spouse?s prior

marriages, including date of marriage, date the marriage ended, and how marriage ended.

Bring divorce papers or death certificate if applicable

6. If you have children: their full names as they appear on their birth certificates, dates of

birth, residency card A# or social security number, and address

7. Proof of income (e.g. taxes/pay stubs) and/or proof of recent receipt of public benefits (e.g.


8. Documentation of all arrests and/or convictions, including reason for the arrest, date,

place, and outcome/disposition (if applicable). Bring ALL arrest and court documents, even if

the charges were dropped.

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1. Copia de su tarjeta de residencia (Green Card, ambos lados)

2. Lista de todas sus salidas de EEUU (fecha de salida y reingreso) en los últimos 5 años

3. Lista de todos los domicilios donde ha vivido, trabajado o estudiado (fecha de inicio y fin)

en los últimos 5 años

4. Si está casado/a; nombre de su conyuge; fecha de matrimonio/ nacimiento; número de

Seguro Social, #A en su tarjeta de residencia, o fecha y lugar de naturalización de su cónyuge

5. Si usted o su cónyuge actual tiene un matrimonio anterior: nombre completo de su ex

cónyuge y el de su pareja actual; fecha de matrimonio y fecha de divorcio. Traiga

documentación del certificado de divorcio o acta de defunción si es aplicable

6. Si tiene hijos: nombre como aparece en el acta de nacimiento; fecha de nacimiento;

numero de Seguro Social, #A en su tarjeta de residencia y domicilio

7. Prueba de ingresos (por ejemplo, los impuestos/talones de pago) y/o una prueba y

reciente de recepción de beneficios públicos (por ejemplo, Medi-Cal/CalFresh)

8. Documentación de todos sus arrestos y condenas, incluyendo el motivo del arresto, fecha,

lugar y resultado/resolución. Favor de traer TODOSlos documentos de arresto y de corte

aun si los cargos fueron retirados.