EOI Testing

Please Read This Important Information

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Spring End of Instruction (EOI) testing is right around the corner. Please read this important information regarding the upcoming EOI exams.


What is an End of Instruction Exam (EOI)??

EOI stands for End of Instruction exam. These Oklahoma state tests are used to assess student achievement; target student, classroom, and program improvement; and inform parents of student progress. The administration of the OCCT and OAAP tests fulfills federal and state mandates for testing math, reading, and science are used for federal accountability. The scope and general administration of the OSTP is outlined in state law, 70 O.S. § 1210.505. Rules that govern the specifics of test administration and other details are available under Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 210:10-13.


Are these tests required??

Students must take all EOI exams for which they have completed coursework within the state unless qualifying for an exemption. Beginning with the incoming freshman of 2008-2009, students are required to pass four of seven tests in order to graduate.

The required tests are:

  • ACE English II
  • ACE English III
  • ACE Algebra I
  • ACE Algebra II
  • ACE Geometry
  • ACE Biology I
  • ACE U.S. History

Students must pass ACE Algebra I and ACE English II and at least two of the other four in order to graduate.

You will be required to test this Spring if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Mid-Year graduates that have outstanding tests that must be taken
  • Students that need to retake a test because they didn’t pass it
  • Students that are currently taking the part B portion of one of the following courses:
    • Algebra I and Algebra II
    • English II and English III
    • Biology I
    • Geometry
    • American History


What if I don't pass??

If an Oklahoma student does not receive a Proficient score, what are the options for retesting?

  • Step One: Students will be provided remediation opportunities and will either:
    • Retake the EOI test; or
    • Score Satisfactory/Proficient on a State Board of Education approved alternate test which can be taken prior to or subsequent to the EOI test.
  • Step Two: Students who do not achieve a Satisfactory or Proficient score through Step One will continue to receive remediation opportunities and will either:
    • Retake the EOI test; or
    • Score Satisfactory or Proficient on a State Board of Education approved alternate test; or
    • Demonstrate mastery of the subject matter through an end of course project designed by the State Department of Education (SDE) and approved by the State Board of Education using rubrics approved by the State Board of Education.
  • Students who do not meet the graduation requirements through Step Two may repeat Step Two as necessary.


Testing Dates and Locations

You will be contacted with your specific EOI testing schedule, date, time, and location. Please arrive 30 minutes early before your scheduled test.

For students taking English EOI's, English tests have a written and online portion and will require two time slots.


What do I need to bring?

  • Photo ID
  • Pencil
  • Scratch Paper
  • Calculator

For the EOI Mathematics and Biology I assessments, approved calculators may be used by all students on all sections of the tests. Additionally, calculators are available as online tools during the EOI tests. For the ACE Biology I, ACE Algebra I, and ACE Geometry, a scientific calculator is available; for ACE Algebra II, both a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator are available.


What should I do now?

We strongly encourage you to assess your progress in your EOI testable subject. Have you gone through enough of the course to be able to pass your EOI exam? Are you behind or failing the course? We recommend that you spend the remaining weeks of the semester really focusing on your testable subject, completing assignments, talking to your teachers, and preparing for your upcoming exam. You SAC can assist you in making a plan of action to ensure completion.

Please also utilize the practice tests available at this link, under the Experience Online testing (Student), then select the desired practice test. When prompted to enter a login ID and password, just hit enter to be taken to the demo test.

You can also view practice tests here, under the released items section.

Parents, please make arrangements to ensure that your child will attend the mandatory testing.


Please contact a Student Achievement Coordinator

Student Achievment Coordinators Office

You should have received an email and/or a phone call regarding your specific EOI testing schedule. Please call the Student Achievement Coordinators office to confirm your receipt of this schedule, and to verify that you will attend the required testing. Also make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates regarding EOI’s.