February 15-Mariner Matters

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses. Ann Landers

Shout outs!

Shout out to Monica for getting our online payment plan set up in order for parents to pay for the Glow in the Dark dance. Shout out to Beth Mitchell and Christina Lowman for getting the Osmo craze going.

Bus Door

Yesterday I spoke to a grandmother who was let in through the bus doors at 11:30. Please do not let anyone in the bus lobby doors, especially if you don't know them. This was the grandmother's first time at this school so no one would have recognized her.


The PBIS Team will meet on Monday in the Guidance Office beginning at 3:30pm.


We will have PLC meetings next week with coverage from the instructional assistants. I want to share district growth data from Perry Harrison with each grade level.

Digital Learning Day-Wednesday

One of you have inquired about why are we doing Digital Learning Day. If we continue to be a STEM focused school, technology is a part of who we are and what we do. Chatham County Schools is participating in Digital Learning Day as a district and we are encouraging and expecting schools to participate. Keith Medlin our lead tech to organize this day. Each school that participates could receive free technology help. Dr. Jordan has been invited and accepted the invitation to come by see what we are doing for digital learning day. Other visitors may be invited. Please see what you are already doing and use the resources to enhance what you do. At some point I will be asking you what you are doing when so when visitors come at certain times I can bring them to you. Ipad cart times:







The link Taryn sent out earlier is attached. Please review for ideas or just new ideas. Please let me know if you need anything.


District Walk Through-Thursday

Chatham County Schools Instructional Division will be here Thursday from 8-12 to do a walk through of all classrooms. My expectation, as it is everyday is for students to be engaged in rigorous activities. Below are some non-negotiables

1. "I Can" statements posted where they can be seen if you are standing in the back of the room.

2. Anchor charts are relevant to what is currently happening in the classroom.

3. Transition times are quick.

4. Worksheets should be limited and contain more than fill in the blank type answers.

5. Teachers and instructional assistants - Teach from your feet instead of your seat.

6. Any assistant in the room should be actively involved in the classroom lesson and not be sitting at a desk.

Instructional Assistant Meeting-Thursday

There will be a meeting with all instructional assistants Thursday beginning at 2:15pm in the Discovery Lab.

ACCESS Testing-Friday

All ESL students will be involved in ACCESS testing on Friday. John sent out initial information but more will come out next week. Proctor training will take place on Wednesday.


Please take a few minutes to give feedback on a few items if you did not do so last week.



As always, please be reminded that students are not to be left unattended. If you need to go to the bathroom we would be happy to come cover you. It will be very difficult to support any incidents when a teacher was not present.

Tier plan update due

Tier plans (personal education plans) are to be updated by March 1st.

April staff meeting

Cheryl Fuller will be doing the second part of rigor training at the April staff meeting. Please be prepared to stay until 5:30 at the April staff meeting. She could not schedule us on our required workday or the half day in March.


I appreciate everyone for trying their best in getting appointents after school. I do realize that it is not always possible to do, and I realize that you may need to leave a little early to get to an appointment. As we come down the home stretch, please be mindful of staff absences as we would do with students.

National Engineers Week

We will be celebrating National Engineers Week February 22-26. Each grade level will study one engineering field that week along with other activities. Please see the information from the STEM Committee below:

We would like all of the activities to be connected in some way. Each grade level would be given a field of engineering to focus on for the week. This is what they read about, write about, do math with,...etc. This leads to a grade level challenge to complete on Friday. The “winning” things can be put in the display case with an explanation of what they did and what they learned. Defined STEM has many resources for culminating projects!

Kindergarten - Environmental

1st: Civil Engineering

2nd: Audio Engineering

3rd: Biomedical Engineering

4th: Chemical Engineering

5th: Aerospace Engineering

Its Take A Village

Please take the time to nominate one of your colleagues for "It takes a Village". It takes a village is about someone that has helped you with your students. Just send me a quick email about how that person has helped.

Glitter and Glow-February 26th

During the leadership team meeting it was discussed how important the whole day planning was to teachers. In order to hold another whole day planning we decided that we will hold another Glitter and Glow dance. We will need all hands on deck so it will be a required event for all certified staff. The dance will be held on february 26th and all of the money will go toward paying for the subs for a second whole planning day.

Dance Money

Please turn in the money to Ms. Sturdivant's box by 12 noon daily.

Progress Reports

Progress reports will go home on February 29th.

Administrators Off Campus

John will be off campus for a meeting all day on Tuesday. I will be off campus on Friday for a meeting as well.