Avery H.

What is it(intro)

How do you feel about several kinds of skin diseases that are caused by tiny fungi? In the heart wrenching book" Letters From Rifka," the main character,Rifka, gets a disease called ringworm for which there was no cure. You will know that you have ringworm when you see flat yellowish or brownish patches that may appear on the patient's neck, back, chest, or abdomen.

Body paragraph #1(Symptoms)

There are many symptoms of ringworm. Itching may be a symptom of ringworm. A small red area the size of a split pea. There may be one or several patches. You will know when you have ringworm when you see these things on you.

Body paragraph #2(How to cure it)

It can be cured if treated with local applications of fungicidal compounds. Of course,you should be advised by a physician .Leave it alone for a few weeks and it should be gone. If you are eager to get rid of ringworm do all of these and more.


What is it, what are the symptoms, and how to cure it? These are some answers that you need to know about ringworm and much, much more. I hope you enjoyed learning all about the horrible disease known as ringworm.
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