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Acton Weekly Update: 5/11/18

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FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

1. We accept LEARNING as the fundamental purpose of our district and therefore are willing to examine all practices in light of their impact on learning.

2. We are committed to working together to achieve our collective purpose. We cultivate a COLLABORATIVE CULTURE through development of high-performing teams.

3. We assess our effectiveness on the basis of RESULTS rather than intentions. Individuals, teams, and schools seek relevant data and information and use that information to promote continuous improvement.


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Please Add To Your Newsletters

Wednesday, May 16th will be our PATRIOTIC DAY where we ask kids to dress up in their favorite RED WHITE and BLUE for $1.00 to support hanging the flags along Acton Rd. Please send donations to Sarah!

Awards Day:

Kindergarten- May 22 9:10 AM

First Grade-May 22 10:15 AM

Second Grade-May 22 2:30 PM

Fourth Grade-May 23 9:10 AM

Third Grade-May 23 10:15 AM

Fifth Grade May 23 2:15 PM

Following the 5th grade program, students will go back to their class and parents will line the hallways with the rest of the K-5 students and staff to cheer on the 5th grade students during their "final" walk.

Nuts and Bolts

Recess Supervision: The weather is finally cooperating and students are getting out for recess daily. YAY!!! However, I want to remind everyone of our supervision expectations. Teachers should NOT be standing around talking to one another. You should be circulating the playground areas and keeping an eye on student interactions and appropriate usage of playground equipment. We've had several playground injuries lately. Some are from not using equipment correctly and some are pure accidents. We cannot prevent everything, but we need to prevent as much as possible.

No More Early Entrance- Franklin Township will no longer be accepting kindergarten students for early entrance. This is due to a legislative change in House Bill 1001.

Fast Track: Thank you to everyone who has donated for the Fast Track this week! Please sign up to volunteer for this awesome event. See the flyer below. To sign up, email lynlie.schoene.k12.in.us and let her know you can help out. See you there!

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The DIBELS window closes on the 18th! Be sure to get all your assessments wrapped up this week and turned in to Krissy! If you just have one or two make ups, go ahead and turn in what you have so we can get the data started. DON'T FORGET TO put books in ABC order and CIRCLE the scores for input. Thanks

PD/PLC for the remainder of the year:

May 15- Effects of Trauma on Executive Functioning Skills with Hillary Reid

May 16-Grade Level PLC- creating 2018-2019 T3 intervention groups for Math and Reading.

May 22- PBIS Data and Establishing Classroom Expectations

Starting the 2018-2019 School year, we will be a Title 1 Targeted Assistance Building. What does this mean for us? We will have a full time instructional coach- Matt!!!! We will have one more Title IA position. This will look different than a gen ed or sped IA. This person will have a specific "identified" group of students to work with. We will have about $1000 to host parental involvement/learning activities. All school-wide functions will need to be started with an introduction and statement that we are a Title building and we will need to have sign in sheets to show participation.

Matt and I have started planning his role at Acton next year. Below is an outline of how we see him serving staff and students at Acton. We will be reaching out to each team soon to find out which day will work best for him to plan with teams and IA's.

Did you know: The Association and Administration have agreed that when a teacher announces and turns in their letter stating they intend to retire, they no longer will be evaluated for that school year. If you are thinking of retirement and turn in your letter next school year, you will not be observed or evaluated.

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What's Coming Up


14 Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

14 Field Day

15 Field Day--Rain day

17 Student Council

17 Bible club

17 International Fair at Kitley 6:30-8:00pm

18 5th Grade field trip-Southeastway Park

18 5th Grade Jam

21 School Board Meeting

22 KDG, 1st and 2nd Grade Awards

23 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Awards

23 Last Student Day

24 Teacher Record Day


This summer there will be two opportunities for any FTCSC employee to attend optional technology training!

· FT EdCamp on May 31st from 8:30-3:30 at FC Freshman Academy

What is EdCamp? A day where attendees drive the PD and tell us what you want for the day! That way we ensure you got what you needed for PD if you attend. Oh and we have several PRIZES to give away as well!!

· Open Lab on June 1st from 8:30-3:30 at the updated CTEC computer lab

What does that mean? The morning will have some popular PD from this year you can revisit in a small group environment, and the afternoon is WIDE OPEN to whatever your needs are!

Please fill out this form if you think you may attend so we can plan appropriately. https://goo.gl/forms/KsYfLPnVqSvjMGCb2

The flyers below will be posted in all buildings as a reminder to those who are interested. :)

FT Tech Tips

Brook Wessel-Burke

Cell: 317-331-1920

Twitter: @bwesselburke

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