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Black Gold

At Spindletop Hill, Texas, Patillio Higgins and Anthony Lucas strike

“Black Gold”. Lucas and Higgins dug as far as 1,139ft. to find this big

pocket of oil. This was today, January 10, 1901. It was the biggest

oil reserve the world ever seen. Oil shot from the rig and went over

it and sprayed oil over 150ft. in the air. Each day, 70,000 through

100,000 barrels were made.

Over night, U.S. became the #1 oil producers in the world.

Towns started booming and the population of towns grew

tremendously. What a day!

From this great find, companies started to pop up such as

TEXACO, Mobil, and etc. The economy is going sky high and oil is

going down in price as low as 3¢ per barrel.

Also, it created a lot of businesses such as hotels and

restaurants for people working near oil rigs. Another thing was that

by-products were created such as plastic, clothing, nail polish, and

etc. Oil contributed to the creation of many industries.

So in conclusion, oil has been good to our economy and has

open up a lot of opportunities and jobs for people. Also, oil by-products

have been created because of Spindletop Hill.

Are Boom Towns Good or Bad?


Dear Editor,

I think Boomtowns are good. The population of towns increase and jobs go up to support people working in oil rigs. This is also good because it will support our economy, Boomtowns also contribute to the economy because the raise of jobs and population. So as many said, " You better come to the oil or the oil will come to you."


Dear Editor,

Boomtowns have been a big problem. Since the Model T came out, cars have been clogging up the roads. Also, the Boomtowns become overpopulated, while other towns become underpopulated. People once said, " Boomtowns have become overpopulated; too crowded." That's why Boomtowns are fatal to our economy.

Political Cartoon

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Clell Reed Interview

The following is the interview on Clell Reed. We are doing a Q&A session on Clell Reed. Here is what we got.

Clell Reed was born on December 29, 1890. He grew up working for the oil industry. While working for the oil industry, he noticed something about the oil industry. Clell Reed noticed that the oil industry has been the most picked on industry. The oil industry paves roads, builds schools, educate children and has done a lot more things for the U.S. than any other industry, yet still gets treated the worst. Clell Reed died on December 31, 1987.

Here is our Q&A session.

"Do you like working for the oil industry?"


"Is working for oil dangerous?"

Yes, you can die any minute when you start drilling. There are a lot of poisonous gases and an explosion could happen at any moment."

"How much do you get paid?"

"$200 per year."

"How often do you hit oil?"

"I hit oil every week or so; not very hard."

"How many people do you work with?"

"I work with 4 people when I drill."

So that was our Q&A session about Clell Reed. We want to thank Clell Reed for bearing with us on our session.