The Door to Personalization

Personalized Learning Efforts for Hairston & Lincoln

Blended Learning vs. Personalized Learning

I want us all to be clear as where we are as it relates to the implementation of Personalized Learning. As a district, we are moving right along with the implementation of Blended Learning, especially with the rise of Canvas.

"At LEAP, we define personalized learning as learning – anytime, anywhere – that is focused on, paced for, and led with the learner and designed around each individual learner’s needs, strengths, interests and goals.

Blended learning is teaching and learning infused with technology to better inform and direct the learning needs of each student. Personalized learning has two critical components that make it different — and more impactful: Personalized learning includes both a tailored learner profile and pathway and evidence of competency-based progression. These two things don’t necessarily require technology, but the real-time access to data gives educators the ability to personalize learning like never before."

This exert was taken from:

Back it up! Back it up!

No, these aren't dance moves. BUT there is a sense of urgency to get moving and be sure to back up your content from Amplify Playlist Builder. We know we are nearing the end of our contract with Amplify which means ALL of it's content goes with it--including Playlist Builder! Your content needs to be saved outside of Playlist Builder no later than MAY 23rd!

Save to your desktop, flash drives, OneDrive, or other cloud-based services and then convert those playlists to Canvas modules, assignments, etc.! Don't know how? Join the Canvas takeover!

The Canvas Takeover

Have you seen the wonders of Canvas? Are you aware that Canvas is an easy way to create a digital classroom and incorporate much of what you are already doing? If you haven't been able to join us for one of our Saturday sessions, there is one more at each school this month! I am available to share the basics with you during planning and/or after school through the end of April.
Amplify Export/Import to Canvas
The Door to Personalization (Canvas Course)

If you haven't already, please click to join my PLEF Canvas Course, containing How-tos, past emails & Smores, and much more!

Discovery Ed Board Builder (ALL SUBJECTS)

A great tool and your fingertips through your free, established Discovery Education account, Board Builder is a great alternative to traditional review activities. This digital tool allow students to create boards to show what they know through text videos, audio recordings and more! Need more convincing? Here are 50 ways to use the Board Builder tool in DE for ALL subject areas! Check out the link below.


Playposit is something I've shared before, but here is another great feature: there are pre-made bulbs (interactive video lessons) and video channels that house videos from their partnerships such as:

Multiple subject areas


Walt Disney


Kahn Academy

Math Antics

Math Meeting


The Amoeba Sisters

National Geographic

Social Studies

Crash Course

History Channel

Foreign Language

Learn Spanish

French Online


See me for a mini lesson on PlayPosit if you don't anything about it! Send me a calendar invite and I'll be there (schedule permitting).