Hallie Bolender

The Mysterious Blondie

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pictures that describe me


I love to perform and become different characters. I also love my theater teacher!

I love to play video games I am a total nerd.

These are my hobbies

Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling

This video is the "Shatter Me" music video by Lindsey Stirling. It signifies me because I feel like I am trapped in a glass box because of my anxiety and I want the box to shatter and to be set free.

Spontaneous Me -Lindsey Stirling (original song)

This just describes that I know that I am amazing no matter what anybody says because I am God's child!

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This suits me because I always have to tell my self to never give up and that there is a way to get out of it.

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I always strive to make tommorow a better day and keep hope alive in me.

I went to San Antonio, TX and it made me realize that you need to appreciate the small things in life because things did not go as planned on the trip but, it was for the better!

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Me and my sister talking on the balcony of the Omni Hotel in San Antonio.

I dream of performing my dances to the world and send a message to everyone.

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I believe that eveyone is God's child and that they are beautiful.

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I love when eveyone gets along. I hate it when I see someone getting bullied or not treated fairly.

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I believe if you work and strive toward your goal you can get there.

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I face anxiety and it makes me not want to do things and just be conceled. It has changed me and made me relize who I am.

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I have a strong relationship with my friends and family they make feel happy and they really support me.

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A lot of the time I hide how I'm feeling inside and I pretend that I am happy.

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It hurts me to think that there are kids out there who get abused and they feel like there is no such thing as love. I fear being alone and not being close with my family.

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Christmas brings me joy and being with my family and friends.

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VenturianTale and Studio C videos make me laugh a lot! My family also makes me laugh a whole lot!

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Me and my sister clowning around in the hotel room in San Antonio.