Sous Chef

by kenny ingham


The Sous Chef is second in command in the kitchen. They plan and direct food preparation. Also they supervise the kitchen staff. The Sous Chef makes the kitchen a well oiled machine.

Skills/Personal Characteristics

The Sous Chef needs to have a lot of creativity, leadership skills, and hand-eye skills. They need to have culinary skills and they have to be able to talk to people (communication skills)


They usually start at a lower position and work there way up. Usually they have a 2-4 year culinary degree. Sous Chefs have to have a knowledge of ingredients and have to use the ingredients in a creative way. Also they have to have a sense of smell and taste.

Working Envirorment

They will work in a kitchen, but there are a lot of kitchens. So they can work as a sous chef in a restaurant, hotel, house, cruise ship, schools, and basically wherever any kitchens are they can work


The average salary for a Sous Chef is 30,000 a year as of 2015. IF your a sous chef you salary will very on where you work and your amount of skills you have