Blue Ash Elementary News

August 3, 2020

From The Principal:

Dear Blue Ash Families,

We hope that you are all taking care of yourselves and doing well this summer. This is such a challenging time for us all, but these are the times that communities like Blue Ash pull together to make the best of what we have. Jenny and I want to thank you for your support and words of encouragement, as our school works to create a safe and healthy learning environment that remains engaging, rigorous, connected, and responsive - whether our children are learning from home or the classroom.

We recognize that making the decision for whether your child returns to the physical structure of school or learns through the virtual classroom was not an easy one. YOU know your child and your family best, and YOU are the best person to make this decision. Regardless of your decision, your child is a Blue Ash Elementary child, and your family is a valued part of our community. We will make this year the best experience possible, and we look forward to returning to a more typical experience in the 2021-2022 school year.

The district has approved for us to begin sending out our building newsletters, so we will work to keep you updated through this weekly SMORE.

These are challenging times for sure; and it is important, now more than ever, that we work together. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email, at school (513) 686-1710, or on my cell phone (513) 616-5891.

Upcoming Events...

Open House, New Family Orientation, and Curriculum Preview are important events for our children, families, and staff. We are working to create experiences that will allow us to get important information to you, and to connect with our children and families, all while supporting appropriate health and safety for everyone.

More information will be shared with you via email in the future.

Supply Lists for F2F classes

Below are the supply lists for Face to Face learning at Blue Ash Elementary:

(Virtual Classroom supplies will look similar. More specific information will be shared soon.)


1 school supply box (8.4 x 5.6 x 2.1) deep enough to fit supplies

1 double barrel pencil & crayon sharpener, with lid

1 pair of 5” blunt tip scissors

1 box crayola crayons 24pk

1 set classic color washable markers 10 ct (wide tip)

8-10 Elmer’s glue sticks, purple or clear

12 sharpened, Ticonderoga, #2 pencils

4 My First Primary Ticonderoga pencils

1 ea (blue, yellow) 2 pocket folders w/prongs

Headphones (no earbuds)

1 box of quart size Zip-lock bags 24 (alphabet A-M)

1 box of gallon size Zip-lock bags 20 (alphabet N-Z)


1 double barrel pencil & crayon sharpener, with lid

1 pencil box(6x9)

1 set classic color washable markers(wide tip)

1 yellow highlighter

2 bx Crayola crayons 24pk

4 Elmer’s glue sticks, purple to clear

1 pair scissors

24 Ticonderoga, #2 pencils sharpened

1ea (yellow, red) 2 pocket poly folders

1 black spiral notebook,( one subject wide ruled)

Headphones (no earbuds)

1 box of sandwich size Ziploc bags 50 (alphabet A-M)

1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags 20 ct or 50 (alphabet N-Z)


1 double barrel pencil & crayon sharpener with lid

1 pencil box (8.4x5.6x2.1)

1 4- Pack Dry Erase Markers

24 Ticonderoga, #2 pencils Sharpened

8 Elmer’s glue sticks

2 lg pink erasers

1 box crayola crayons 24pk

1 set classic color washable markers (wide tip) 8 ct

1 pair of 5” Fiskar scissors pointed tip

1 (4 pk) 3”x 3 sticky notes

1 set colored pencils 12pk

1 ea ( red, green ,yellow, blue) 2 pocket folders w/ prongs

1 white binder, 3 ring, heavy duty 1.5”

1 box of 15 ct gallon ziploc bags

Headphones (no earbuds)

1 single subject 70 ct wide ruled spiral notebook

1 black composition book wide ruled


2 Black ultra fine black Sharpie Markers

24 Ticonderoga, #2 Pencils Sharpened

4 Elmer’s Washable Glue Sticks purple

1 blue Spiral Notebook 70 ct

1 composition notebook 100 ct

1 box Crayola Crayons (24 count ea)

1 pair 5” pointed tip Scissors

1 ea (Red, Green, Yellow, Purple) 2 Pocket folders

1 3-ring soft pencil pouch

2 Yellow Highlighter, chisel tip

1 lg pink erasers

1 double barrel pencil & crayon sharpener, with lid

1 box sandwich Ziploc bags (LAST NAME beginning with A-M)

1 box Gallon Ziploc bags (LAST NAME beginning with N-Z)

Earbuds with case


1 ( 4 pk) 3”x 3 sticky notes yellow 50 ct

1 box crayons 16 pk

1 ea (blue,red,green,yellow) 2 pocket folders

1 3-ring pencil pouch (11 x 8.75)

1 white 1” ring binder

24 Ticonderoga, #2 pencils

1 double barrel pencil & crayon sharpener, with lid

2 lg pink erasers

2 set classic color washable markers (wide tip) 8 ct

4 pack black expo markers

1 pair of 5” Fiskar scissors pointed tip

4 white washable glue sticks .28 oz

1 (4pk) yellow highlighter
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Optional Summer Testing

An optional administration of the InView ability test and MAP tests for gifted services will be offered for 2020-2021 third through sixth graders on Monday, August 10th and Tuesday, August 11th. (All other grades will have an opportunity after the school year starts.)

The InView test takes approximately 2.5-3 hours to administer while the MAP test takes approximately 45-60 minutes per subject - reading and math.

We will adhere to the district's safety protocols and also require that any student who signs up for testing wears a mask. Once we receive all the registrations, groups will be created and staggered times will be assigned to avoid crowds congregating. You will receive an email on Friday with the time, location, and further instructions for testing.

Please register via by Thursday, August 6, 2020.

The email address you use to sign your child up will be the email address used for any communication regarding this optional summer testing opportunity. Thank you!

Important Information To Support Mental Health

Our district is very fortunate to be able to partner with the 1N5 Organization. 1N5's mission is to promote optimal mental health for our youth in the Greater Cincinnati area through education and community engagement.

From 1N5: The isolation of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the frustration of racial inequity are impacting our lives and our mental health. We have gathered the following resources to help you cope with the issues most effecting you.

Covid-19 Support and Resources:

In the past month, our lives have changed dramatically. Some of us are feeling overwhelmed (and that’s totally okay) and some are searching for ways to fill their time and engage their family. Whether you’re still trying to grasp the gravity of what’s happening around us or looking for family-friendly activities, this time can be an opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones and most importantly, yourself.

Below, we’ve compiled some fun, mindful activities, to promote optimal mental (and physical) health for everyone in the entire family. You’ll find our age-appropriate lists below.

Racial Equity Support and Resources:

Racism has a detrimental impact on our mental health

Racist acts against people of color is affecting the mental health of our country, especially those suffering from two of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in the United States: anxiety and depression. Below is a collection of mental health resources, organizations, and sources of education to help educate people about the symptoms of mental health struggles, coping methods and how to address racism.