Enslaved African American

Colonial Virginia

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Torture at the farms

One of my jobs was to grow tobacco and grow the crops for my owner. My owner was a wealthy gentleman. Tobacco is the cash crop in Virginia. The crops that I had to plant were the 3 sisters, beans, squash, and corn. This was a hard job because I had to work in the hot climate. I work every day for 24hours straight. The worst part was that I did all of the work and I only got very little of the food.
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Harsh Riders

I don't like any of my jobs, but the worst one of all is talking care of the horses. It may seem easy but it is really hard. I have to clean them, feed them, and give them something to drink. Then, I have to put on the saddle and it hurts because every time I clip it on the horses they kick me. When the rider on the horse falls off of it they punish me by giving me no food.
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I wish I had all of this food! Only the gentleman get that kind of food. I get a little piece of meat and some corn. Sometimes my owner doesn't feed me and I starve. Do you know what it is like to be starving and working at the same time!? The worst job to do when I am starving is working

In the fields because I am surrounded by all of the food.

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This lady is holding a bottle of medicine. Do you know who gets to use this medicine? Not me!!!! :-( My owner doesn't pay for the medicine for me because he doesn't care if I die. He told me that I have to work off the pain.
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Brutal weather

In the Winter it got very cold in Virginia. This fire is what gentleman used to stay warm, but I had to keep working in my ripped up clothes. I wish I had a fire like that. Why does my owner get everything and I do everything? Hopefully he will be generous enough to let me use that warm fire.
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Hoop And Stick

K Smith playing Hoop And Stick